Sport: minors trapped in Mexico: sudden rise in waters, anger of families

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  Mineurs piégés au Mexique: brusque montée des eaux, colère des familles © AFP

L E Rescue of the ten people trapped in a flooded mine of Mexico suffered a serious setback on Sunday, after the "sudden increase in water level "announced by the authorities, ruining the hopes of their loved ones who demand that those responsible be punished if the death of minors should be confirmed.

"The main culprits and criminals are the owners of the mine", said Magdalena Montelongo, sister of Jaime, one of the people trapped since August 3.

"It is a crime that cannot remain unpunished. If my brother and colleagues do not come out alive, it is a crime," she denounced at an improvised press conference near the area of Rescue, emphasizing the "very bad conditions" of working.

Mexico: Relatives of the ten minors trapped underground lose hope

 Mexico: Relatives of the ten minors trapped underground lose hope © AFP l es close to the ten minors stuck underground in northeast Mexico began to lose hope on Friday almost 48 hours after the collapse of three coal wells under the pressure of a flood. For the second night in a row, a hundred relatives slept near the area curly by the security forces to allow the work of the aid, noted an AFP team in the locality of Sabinas (Coahuila State) . The minors are blocked in wells with a depth of 60 meters, according to the authorities.

The accident in the El Pinabete mine, located in the state of Coahuila, the main coal producer in Mexico, is the last of a series of accidents that have occurred in the region and often caused by poor safety conditions .

The level of the water of the well n ° 2, which had been established until Friday at 70 cm and could allow access to the emergency services, reached Sunday 12.92 m, stressed the authorities in a press release, adding that "engineers assess the situation on the spot and the reasons for this sudden increase in the water level".

In wells 3 and 4, water reached 15.5 m and 12.5 m respectively, an increase of 8 to 10 m from the levels recorded on Friday. "The engineers will put in place a new strategy capable of allowing the evacuation of the water from the El Pinabete mine," assured the authorities.

Mexico: It is necessary to make it "more" to help the ten minors trapped underground, according to President

 Mexico: It is necessary to make it nearly 400 rescuers are already mobilized to save the ten minors stuck in the bottom of a coal mine, In northeast of Mexico © Alfredo Lara/AP/SIPA Ten minors are stuck under the ground in the aftermath of the collapse and flood of three coal wells in northeast Mexico. Rescue - Nearly 400 rescuers are already mobilized to save the ten minors stuck in the bottom of a coal mine, in northeast Mexico The president of Mexico asks for help "more efforts ”to find people blocked underground.

The National Rescue Coordinator and head of the operation, Laura Velázquez, hastened to insure families in a statement that "the trapped minors will not be abandoned".

Video: Mexico: Ten minors trapped in a flooded coal mine (Dailymotion)

The emergency services "lost time"

This news nevertheless represents a particularly hard blow for the families of minors who expressed the fear of An intervention too late to save their loved ones.

Plutarco Ruiz, a stepfather of a trapped minor, said that the authorities had "lost time" because "from the start", they should have extracted the water from the mine.

Since Saturday, relatives of minors have said they felt "desperate" by the slowness of the progress of the rescue, while expressing their distrust of the management of operations.

Coordinator Laura Velázquez told the relatives of minors that help do their best in "exceptional conditions", stressing that the El Pinabete mine was close to that of Condchas Norte, abandoned thirty years ago, period at which "its water level has become very high".

Mexico: A soldier performs an incursion in the flooded mine

 Mexico: A soldier performs an incursion in the flooded mine © Pedro Pardo of the soldiers participate in a rescue operation to reach the 10 minors trapped in a flooded coal mine following a landslide in Sabinas in Mexico, the August 10, 2022 A soldier went down on Wednesday for a few moments in the flooded mine in northern Mexico, where ten minors have disappeared for a week, the local governor announced.

The Mexican authorities had announced on Friday that the "conditions" were met for rescuers to enter the flooded mine, in search of 10 missing minors.

Thanks to the incessant pumping, the water level was lowered to 70 centimeters in one of the three wells among which the emergency services had to try to penetrate, while it was 30 meters in the aftermath of the accident, the August 3, said the defense secretary, Luis Cresencio Sandoval.

Wednesday, a diver had entered one of the wells but could not move forward because he had come up against "obstacles to be able to enter the galleries", according to the governor of the State of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme.

Several hundred people participate in the emergency services, especially with an underwater drone, to save minors whose relatives are increasingly worried as time passes.

According to the authorities, the minors carried out excavation work on August 3 when they pierced a water table.

Coahuila, the main coal producer region of Mexico, has experienced a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. The worst occurred in the Pasta de Conchos mine in 2006 when a stroke of gray killed 65 minors.

08/15/2022 07:40:16-Agujita (Mexico) ( AFP )-© 2022 AFP

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