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Sport: Magali Berdah: The Shauna Events agency in the sights of justice ... it reacts!

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Magali Berdah is currently experiencing a real descent into hell . The one who claims to have launched influencer marketing in France has drawn the wrath of rapper Booba on social networks, who accuses him of scamming and " perverted youth ". Because Magali Berdah represents several reality TV candidates who have been pointed out for some of their investments in fraudulent products .

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Indeed, the latter have often been accused of promoting illegal ephemeral brands , created for the sole purpose of defrauding Internet users. They would never have received their order if not poor quality products, in addition to sometimes realizing that their bank account had been debited without their authorization.

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Magali Berdah outdated

very active on the web, Magali Berdah hastened to respond to the attacks of Boob a. After having violently clashed online, the two enemies finally complained against each other, and the mother of three is ready to do anything to wash her honor. So she gladly granted interviews to various media before organizing a press conference with her lawyer, this Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at the Hilton Paris Opera hotel, located in the VIIIth arrondissement.

Beginning of the press conference of @Magaliberdah alongside his lawyer.

The latter lists complaints against @Booba , dozens of Internet users, but also the lack of Twitter cooperation.

The national online hatred control pole has been seized.

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and just to convince the biggest world, Magali Berdah also agreed to participate in the last issue of the France 2, show Investigation supplement . A passage which earned her a number of mockery, especially after she mentioned having an tendonitis.

Justice gets involved

, however, this whole controversy has made enough noise so that the authorities are starting to take a close interest in the activities of Shauna Events. Magali Berdah had the unpleasant surprise to learn that The Grasse prosecutor's office had opened an investigation against his agency , after the complaint filed by Booba for "misleading commercial practices".

It is tears in the eyes that the 40 -year -old businesswoman spoke about this new blow at the microphone of Europe 1:

it does not change anything (for me). I saw this media trial and this death sentence ... I really live it like that. The facts are real on social networks. I beg justice for ... I dream of going there so that they can hear me and that it is settled.

threatening the lawyer for Imam Iquioussen is to attack the rule of law

 threatening the lawyer for Imam Iquioussen is to attack the rule of law © Patrice Pierrot Lucie Simon, lawyer for Imam Hassan Iquioussen, in Paris on August 26. "Dirty whore in Bougnoule, if you are seen in court to defend it we violate you and we will go through all your holes." The one to whom we make such a promise is one of our sisters, targeted by an odious surge of hatred, insults, threats of rape and death for having the wrong to ensure, brilliantly, The defense of Mr. Hassan Iquioussen 's interests.

and to add that Booba did not have to place himself as a vigilante to defend those who were cheated by the promo codes of reality TV candidates who signed at Shauna Events:

Booba, it is not Child justice. It is not the repression of fraud. They control us very regularly. Shauna Events has never been sanctioned so far. They did not wait for Booba either.

she said, before lamenting:

if I did something, punish me! But you have to stop! It’s a massacre!

Booba @ DR © Booba @ Dr

To finish, Magali Berdah said that she did not want to "call for hatred" and aspire only to "leave it alone". Will she get success without having to account?

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