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Sport: Roger Federer: Sponsors, Foundation ... What will he do during his retirement?

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Roger Federer : sponsors, fondation… Que va-t-il faire durant sa retraite? © Shi Tang / Getty Images Roger Federer: Sponsors, Foundation… What will he do during his retirement? The global tennis star Roger Federer announced his sports retirement this Thursday. Between his image, his contracts in progress and his foundation, the Swiss will still have a fortune to manage when he has stored the racket.

The Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer, announced Thursday, September 15, that he retired at the age of 41. After 24 years at the top of world tennis, complications related to a long knee injury forced him to make this decision. Ironically, he will bow out next week in London during the washing Cup, a tournament he himself launched in 2017 with the Team 8 agency. Because throughout his career, Roger Federer An entrepreneur's soul built. Between personal business, sponsorship contracts and philanthropy, the player has always been a real cash machine on and outside the shorts. Ranger the racket will allow him to devote himself more to his life as a businessman? His post-carrier has been prepared for a long time and there is no doubt that Roger Federer will remain very active, as the contracts revolve around him.

Federer retiring from tennis I 'I love you and will never leave you'

  Federer retiring from tennis I 'I love you and will never leave you' Roger Federer will retire from tennis after next week's Laver Cup, aged 41.The 20-time Grand Slam champion has been struggling with a knee problem for the last three years and has decided now is the time to step away.

without treading the shorts, the player remains the darling of brands, especially luxury. He is the best paid tennis player in 2022 even when he did not play the slightest match. According to Forbes , Roger Federer won a fortune of $ 90.7 million over a year, between May 2021 and May. Among his contracts, he is linked to life with the Rolex watch brand. As for equipment manufacturers, he signed a 10 -year contract up to $ 300 million (around 252 million euros) with the Japanese brand Uniqlo, which has recovered its “RF” label in order to operate it in several collections. The contract will continue despite the player's retirement. Ditto for Mercedes-Benz, with whom the player is linked until 2027.

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foundation in addition to lending his Image to famous brands, Federer has also set up her own business. The tennis player has teamed up with the founders of the ON Running equipment supplier. In July 2020, he launched his own, white and refined city basketball model, in collaboration with the Swiss brand. Since then, other collections have followed and several sneakers on behalf of the player have been available on the brand's website. A collaboration around a pair of tennis shoes in his name has also emerged.

This retirement should also allow Federer to devote himself more to his philanthropic activities. He founded the "Roger Federer Foundation" 17 years ago, administered in particular by his mother, Lynette Federer, originally from South Africa. Its objective is to finance educational projects for children, in six countries in southern Africa and Switzerland.

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