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Sport: Armenie-Azerbaijan: Behind the resumption of fights, the question of the status of Haut-Karabakh

Armenie-Azerbaijan: A new war at the gates of Europe

 Armenie-Azerbaijan: A new war at the gates of Europe © Aziz Karimov / Getty Images Armenie-Azerbaijan: a new war at the gates of Europe of clashes broke out on the border between the two countries, Tuesday September 13. According to Erevan, the armed troops of Baku are trying to "move forward" in Armenian territory. Confrontations were underway Tuesday September 13 at the border between the Armenia and the Azerbaijan, The forces of Bakou, supported by artillery and drones, seeking to "advance" in Armenian territory, said Erevan.

Des soldats azerbaïdjanais au Haut-Karabakh en novembre 2020 (image d'illustration). © Ap of the Azerbaijani soldiers in Haut-Karabakh in November 2020 (Illustration Image).

At the origin of the last clashes on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, there is in particular the impatience of Baku not to see what will be the future status of Haut-Karabakh despite his victory in the war from 2020.

The last days have been bloody in the South Caucasus. The fighting left at least 176 people dead, mainly soldiers, along the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, after the forces of the first burst into the territory of the second in several points.

These events have been the most serious since the end of the 44 days of the "Second War of Haut-Karabakh", on November 9, 2020, at the end of which Azerbaijan regained control of part of the secessionist province and All of the territories "occupied" around it.

In Armenia, the inhabitants of the villages hard hit by the fights

 In Armenia, the inhabitants of the villages hard hit by the fights © Capture of screen, France 24 The village of Sotk is one of the villages hard affected by the fights in Armenia. Several Armenian villages located not far from the border have been the target of massive attacks from the Azerbaijani armed forces in recent days. Among them, Sotk has turned into a ghost village, its inhabitants having been forced to take refuge several kilometers further. Report of our special envoys.

The fighting, which broke out on Tuesday, ended in the night from Wednesday to Thursday "thanks to the involvement of the international community," said the Armenian National Security Council. Russia, a traditional mediator in this region, announced a truce on Tuesday morning, but it had been raped for two days, the two camps accusing each other of bombing.

Aliev is impatient on the issue of the status of Haut-Karabakh

The events of these Tuesday and Wednesday are all the more difficult to understand that they follow a diplomatic sequence , open this spring, which has suggested a glimpse Possible peace, recalls our regional correspondent, Régis Géné . A lasting peace, after three decades of conflict around the secessionist province of Haut-Karabagh, landlocked in Azerbaijan, placed under the jurisdiction of it by Stalin, although populated mainly by Armenians.

according to Azerbaijanic attacks: Waffenruhe announces

 according to Azerbaijanic attacks: Waffenruhe announces after two days of severe struggles between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the southern Kaukasus, a ceasefire has been agreed. The situation has been relatively quiet since then, it said on Thursday from the Ministry of Defense in the Armenian capital Eriwan. The fire break has been in place since Wednesday evening 8:00 p.m. local time (6 p.m. CEST), as the secretary of the Armenian security council, poor Grigorjan, said on television.

In the cease-fire statement of November 9, 2020, signed following the mediation of the Russian president Vladimir Putin , nothing is said as for the final status of Haut-Karabagh. Vladimir Putin had then explained that this very difficult question could only be decided in an indefinite future.

Now, as a winner, President Azerbaijani Ilham Aliev believes that the case is settled. In recent months, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian, considering that he had no choice, has worked to establish peace, recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, which therefore includes implicitly the Haut-Karabakh . This worries a whole part of the Armenians, a few thousand of whom said it in the streets of Yerevan these last evenings.

Armenia and Azerbaijan refer the ball to the UN

Armenia and Azerbaijan accused themselves on Thursday before the UN Security Council to be responsible for the violent clashes, while the UN noted that he was unable to check the allegations of the two parties. "This attack is Azerbaijan's response to the mediation efforts of the international community," denounced the Armenian ambassador to the UN, believing that by these "acts of aggression", Baku had "chosen a military solution to the conflict ”.

The Azerbaijan Ambassador to the UN rejected all the "allegations" of Armenia, accusing in return Erevan of wanting to "torpedo the fragile process of post-conflict normalization". These accusations based on "inventions, deformations and deceptions show that Armenia is far from compliance with its international obligations," he added.

Mobilization of the armed forces in Eritrea, according to Canadian and British diplomacies .
© Eduardo Soteras An abandoned tank north of Mekele, the Tiger capital, on February 26, 2021 The Eritrean authorities decreed a mobilization of their armed forces in Response to the resumption of fighting in northern Ethiopia, British and Canadian diplomatic services said. In advice to travelers published late Friday, the Canadian and British governments warned their nationals in Eritrea to limit their trips following the call for mobilization.

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