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Sport: Paul Pogba: these horrible images shown to the sportsman's mother to put pressure on him

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 John Paul I, ephemeral © - The body of Pope John Paul I exhibited in early October 1978 at the Vatican after his death on September 28, 1978 his reign of 33 days was one Of the shortests in the history of the papacy: Jean Paul Ier, an ephemeral pontiff who died in 1978, is beatified Sunday in Rome by Pope Francis.

Paul Pogba : ces images horribles montrées à la mère du sportif pour lui mettre la pression © veeren / Bestimage Paul Pogba: these horrible images shown to the mother of the sportsman to put pressure The investigations on the Paul affair Pogba continues and this Thursday, September 15, the Parisian revealed how Yeo Moriba, Paul Pogba's mother, was used as a means of pressure for the footballer to give in to the threats of the crooks.

The investigation into the Paul Pogba affair advances, several days after the murderous video published on Twitter by his brother Mathias. If the latter has promised to make explosive revelations on footballer , it is rather the testimonies during the various hearings that lift the veil on the famous case of swindle that has touched Paul Pogba for several months.

"I will trust my teammate": Kylian Mbappé reacts for the first time to the Pogba

 © Capture RMC Sport "I will trust my teammate": Kylian Mbappé reacts for the first time In the Pogba case collateral victim of the Pogba affair, Kylian Mbappé reacted for the first time, this Monday, September 5, in scandal. His teammate from the French team is accused of having paid money to a marabout to throw a spell for him. The scandal has made a big splash for a little over a week. As a reminder, Paul Pogba would be the victim of an extortion case, from his big brother Mathias.

Placed in police custody , this Wednesday, September 14, Mathias Pogba A denied any involvement to the facts of sequestration and extortion with weapon of his brother , according to information from the Parisian . In total, five suspects were interviewed by the police, but not all would have participated in the extortion phase. Three of them even claim to have been victims of threats coming from crooks . And it is in spite of herself that Yeo Moriba, the mother of Paul Pogba , would have witnessed it.

The mother of Paul Pogba, a means of pressure for the sportsman

still according to our colleagues, three of the police custody would have been taken as targets by the crooks to increase the pressure on Paul Pogba . One of them would have seen his car burned, the other would have been the victim of a shot injury in hand. Part of these attacks were allegedly filmed, and shown in Yeo Moriba, the mother of Paul Mathias and Florentin Pogba, in order to encourage footballer to give in to threats.

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