Sport: Reminder Product: These compotes sold in Leclerc contain patline and should not be consumed

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New massive recall of products. This time, it is a batch of apple compotes marketed throughout France within Leclerc stores. At the origin of this withdrawal? The presence of…

caution if you recently bought apple compote from Leclerc for you or your children. A lot, sold in the brand's supermarkets around France, is the subject of a product recall. In question ? The "presence of Patline beyond regulatory limits", as reported by Reminder Conso , the Government site which lists all alerts of dangerous products.

What is the benchmark for the Leclerc apple compote recalled?

This procedure targets the apple fruit dessert, the softness of the orchard (mark brand), from Leclerc. The reference in question contains 16 cups of 100 g. This compote was marketed in the fresh department between August 5 and September 19 throughout France. It carries the code GTIN 3564700198254. This is the LF2205691 lot, bearing a minimum durability date on 01/25/2023.

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What is the Patline present in the compotes Leclerc?

The Patline is a "mycotoxin", a toxic substance produced by microscopic fungi. We find the patula mainly in products from the apple sector: fruit juice, compotes ... "Patural production is favored by fruit injury (shocks, insect attacks, etc.)", explains the national agency health safety, environment and work ( ANSES ).

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What are the risks incurred?

Mycotoxins "may present a health risk in the event of significant consumption and repeated in the long term", alert consumer recall. "Patline is recognized to cause gastrointestinal disorders with ulcers, distensions and hemorrhages, even disturbances of the renal function, in higher doses," said ANSES.

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What if I bought these Leclerc apples compotes?

Obviously, you should no longer consume the product. You can also bring it to the point of sale. A consumer number has also been opened: 0 800 865 286.


Apple fruit dessert х- $ - Sweetness of the orchard

Risks: Patline

Pattern: Presence of patula beyond regulatory limits https: // t. CO/RLYRR1UYS5 PIC.TWITTER.COM/55RSAWCXHD

- REMINDONSO (@rappelconso) September 20, 2022 patuline jus de pommes supplied by FEMINA version Patline Apple juice

We find the Patline mainly in products from the Apple sector: Compotes, fruit juice ...

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