Sport: sweat in winter: what helps?

opinion: A winter of dissatisfaction

 opinion: A winter of dissatisfaction It becomes a crash with an announcement: Germany slips into a recession. Winter is coming. He gets hard and you can only hope that he won't get too cold. Europe is facing a test, says Henrik Böhme. © Eric Gay/AP/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle Rarely did German economists, economists and government consultants agree: Germany is an extremely hard winter. And that is not meant meteorologically, but with look at the economy.

  Schwitzen im Winter: Was hilft? © Fotolia people who suffer from hyperhidrosis should actually be happy about the winter. The temperatures drop and thus also the risk of suffering from welding attacks. But even on icy days, on which the frost does not take a break, sweat often stands on the forehead. They suffer from excessive welding production that do not stop at the cold season. This can not only be uncomfortable for those affected, but also have mental stress. But how can sweating be relieved in winter? © Fotoliawarum Some people sweat as strongly in winter as in summer? We all know it: especially when it comes to hot temperatures, physical activity or in unusual situations, sweating can occur in every person. Finally, there are millions of sweat glands on the face, under the armpits or on the hands and feet. These come into force when our body needs cooling. Finally, our body sweats in order to combat the body temperature of regulating disease -related germs and other toxins to fight against pathogens and the acid protection of our skin is always active, protects us and uses welding production exactly when it is necessary. But especially in unpleasant situations, the welding can be stressful. This is especially the case when we are in difficult conversations, have to give lectures or have to spend the floor at a meeting. The pulse rises, the adrenaline cooks up and sweat is noticeable. What is basically due to evolution leads to despair in some people. These people do not sweat in the usual framework, but tend to produce sweat. What is hyperhidrosis? This extremely strong welding is called hyperhidrosis in technical jargon. Doctors and experts differentiate between two categories: Primary hyperhidrosis: In these cases, experts cannot clarify why those affected suffer from enormous welding production. The sweat glands are presumably sensitized and overactivated. A hereditary predisposition can often be observed. Secondary hyperhidrosis: Those affected are affected by strong welding attacks due to another disease. This can sometimes be a thyroid misalignment or an infection. Even an unhealthy lifestyle like wrong nutrition, which is accompanied by overweight, can have a negative impact on the welding behavior. In both cases, however, it is clear that those affected not only suffer from strong sweats in spring or summer. Even in autumn and winter, it is not possible to lower the welding. However, there are aids that can make life with hyperhidrosis easier. What helps with sweating in winter? Often the unwanted sweat production occurs in slopes for those affected. Small incentives are enough to activate strong sweating. With some tips, however, suffering can stop sweat in summer and in winter. With relaxation exercises such as yoga, breathable clothing and some care products, everyday life can be made more pleasant. Special care products are sometimes available on The products from sweat-off regulate the welding and therefore of course also the unpleasant smell of sweat. Thus, those affected can meet the day in a relaxed manner and no longer have to be afraid of treacherous welding stains on clothing or embarrassing odor formation from sweat. How do the special care products work? Sweat off offers special sticks, foams or roll-ons that are given to the dry skin after daily care. The antiperspirate comes up thinly on the affected parts of the body and ensures that sweat can arise less and can cause annoying odor formation. The result: those affected are not only better protected from sweat, but also start the day more confidently and more successful. ]]>

Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie Winter framed by doppelganger Fern in robbery plot .
Coronation Street's Bernie Winter is set to have her life turned upside down when her doppelganger Fern sets her up to take the fall for a crime she didn't commit.Coronation Street icon Bernie (played by Jane Hazelgrove) was given the shock of her life when Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) stormed into her life after accusing her of thieving her coat. Since then, the pair have struck up an unlikely friendship which has caused Bernie to slip back into her criminal lifestyle and in some cases, impersonate Fern. However, their antics are soon set to come to an end as Bernie is set up by Fern and left to take the fall.

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