Sport: Russian NHL players are allowed to enter

Partmobilization: Brutal intervention against protests - rusty rifles for reservists

 Partmobilization: Brutal intervention against protests - rusty rifles for reservists The part -mobilization in Russia also led to protests and attempts to escape among the Russian population on Saturday. In the meantime, reports on the defective equipment and training of the recruited conscripts circulated in social networks. © AP Russian police officers take a participant of anti-war protests in St. Petersburg in custody. more than 700 people have been arrested by the protests against the partial mobilization arranged by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.

According to the Czech Republic,

The dispute over the participation of Russian ice hockey professionals at the NHL start between the Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks on October 7 and 8 in Prague.

Predators-Center Yakov Trenin (13) im Zweikampf mit Hurricanes-Rechtsaußen Joey Keane (44). © Mark Zaleski/FR170793 AP/dpa Predators-Center Yakov Trenin (13) in a duel with Hurricanes rights from Joey Keane (44).

"You have visa and from the state's point of view there is no reason not to let you enter," said the Security advisor of the Czech government, Tomas Pojar, the news portal "".

previously emphasized Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky that the Czech Republic would not exhibit a visa for the Russian professionals of the North American ice hockey league. However, he did not rule out the fact that they received entry documents from another EU member state that apply to the entire Schengen area.

The Russian striker Jakow Trenin plays at Nashville. San Jose has Alexander Barabanow in the squad and Jewgeni Swetschnikow, who is in the training camp with a Tryout contract. Among other things, the Czech ex-NHL goalkeeper Dominik Hasek had campaigned for the unloading of the Russian players. Getting Schengen papers in another country is a lazy trick, he now criticized. The Czech Republic has no more visas for Russian citizens for months. There are only a few exceptions as for family members of EU citizens. The reason is the Russian attack war against Ukraine.

ESPN Adds More Linear TV NHL Telecasts to Schedule .
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