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Real estate credits. Will the increase in loan refusals make market prices fall?

 Real estate credits. Will the increase in loan refusals make market prices fall? © Ouest-France Archives/ Joël Le Gall A strong fall in prices will be possible, only if there is a massive influx of housing for sale. With the increase in loan refusals, the risk is to see demand reduces on the real estate market. And so the prices are deflated or the market freezes. The coming months will be decisive for this economic sector which weighs 11% of GDP. It is still a little too early to really identify the effects of loan refusals on the French real estate market.

The apartment or the house you have visited you are interested and you want to acquire it? You will have to make a "purchase offer". Thomas Prud’homoz, associate notary at KL Conseil, details the approach, and its consequences.

Question to an

expert I made a purchase offer to the seller of a house, can I retract?

By signing a purchase offer, the potential buyer manifests his intention to acquire real estate in the event of acceptance of the latter by the seller, at the prices and conditions contained in it.

This purchase offer is made either at the price initially offered by the seller, in which case the latter cannot refuse it, or at a lower price, in which case it must be accepted by the seller.

Immobilier: This company puts housing for rent ... Auction

 Immobilier: This company puts housing for rent ... Auction © Audrey Meriochaud Immobilier: This company puts housing for rent ... at auction The company which has implemented this new rental solution ensures that the most offering does not necessarily win the bet. The prices remain supervised. We already knew the auctions in the real estate for the sale of goods. But this solution proposed by the Wizi company, which RMC details us, goes even further by offering apartments at auction ... for rental.

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Once the offer has been accepted by the seller, the sales contract is formed and neither the buyer nor the seller can return to it. This purchase offer is normally followed by the signing of a promise to sell or a compromise (or directly from the deed of sale).

However, in some cases, the buyer's commitment may be suspended. For example, if you make a purchase offer on real estate for residential use, you benefit from a legal right of withdrawal or ten -day reflection, to which you cannot give up. You will therefore not be definitively engaged by your offer only ten days after the notification of the promise to sell (or the deed project if no promise has been signed).

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It is therefore only this time that you will be linked by your purchase offer and that you expose yourself to sanctions in the event of withdrawal, if that -It is not justified by a preecing condition, for example linked to obtaining the loan.

Real estate sale: What is the immobilization allowance? .
© Jens Neumann / Pixabay Sale Increase Remontain Practice- Real estate sale includes rules that buyers and sellers must comply with. Among them is the immobilization indemnity paid by the purchaser. A real estate sale has many consequences for the various players. It takes place in different stages. Before selling his property, an owner can, if he wishes, have it estimated and displayed him in a real estate agency.

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