Sport: An hour of time: Friedrich Merz reports on encouragement to "social tourism" expression

Merz sees “social tourism” from Ukrainians to Germany

 Merz sees “social tourism” from Ukrainians to Germany CDU boss Friedrich Merz has complained about “social tourism” from Ukrainian refugees to Germany. He said BILD TV in an interview sent on Monday evening: "We are now experiencing social tourism of these refugees: back to Germany, back to Germany, back to Germany, back to Ukraine." © Kay Nietfeld/dpa The CDU federal chairman Friedrich Merz at a press conference in the Reichstag building.

one has to be careful that the population continues to accept "humanitarian achievements", says the CDU chairman. He describes the speed limit as the "pure symbol topic".

Friedrich Merz © Ronny Hartmann/AFP/Getty Images Friedrich Merz

The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz once again apologized for his statements about the "social tourism" of Ukrainian refugees-he had been generalized that was inadmissible that was inadmissible , he said in conversation with the time.

, however, the former Union faction leader continued, he received more than 2,000 letters in terms of his statements, of which "over 80 percent" were very positive. In some cases, the senders - including according to Merz, also reported the basic security office - that it was "much worse" than described by him. He read sentences like "It speaks to someone what we experience here every day". Some of the letters would refer to Ukraine, partly refugee

, for example from Syria. "We always have to be a little careful that the acceptance of the population is preserved for the humanitarian achievements that we perform," said Merz. At the end of September, had said that there was "social tourism of these refugees: to Germany, back to Ukraine, Germany, back to Ukraine". The background according to Merz: Initially, refugees from

German tourist killed in South Africa in the event of a robbery

 German tourist killed in South Africa in the event of a robbery actually it should be a relaxed vacation in one of the most beautiful national parks in Africa. On the way to the Kruger National Park, however, four German tourists got into an attempted robbery in their car, which ended fatally for the group's driver. © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa in the Kruger National Park in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa has been killed by a German tourist.


were entitled to care according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act-since June you have received basic security, i.e. the same services as Hartz IV recipients. Merz: The term "pull-factor" has long been mentioned to a delimitation to the right, said Merz, for example, this would be difficult for the term pull factor. Merz had only used this in connection with migration due to possible social benefits

. The CDU chairman now criticized a media condemnation of the term to "declare him to be toxic, because he was allegedly brought into the discussion by the right-wing radical scene in Germany, which is proven that it is not correct". Allegations that the word pull factor is needed by the German right were wrong. The term has existed since the 1970s. The pull factor denotes a theory that migration movements set in motion due to the high attraction of certain countries. This theory is controversial and not proven.

CDU boss causes confusion: does Merz partly reactivate torn out of nuclear nuclear power plants?

 CDU boss causes confusion: does Merz partly reactivate torn out of nuclear nuclear power plants? The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz caused confusion with a statement on extending the terms of nuclear power plants. Shortly before the state election in Lower Saxony , Merz campaigned for the continued operation of the nuclear power plant in Lingen . The problem: the company was already discontinued in January 1979. © dpa CDU chairman Friedrich Merz, with his statements about the Lingen nuclear power plant, causes a stir.

Criticism of Citizens' Geld - Doubting of Tempoli Mit

In the public conversation with the time - The event took place in Urania in Berlin - various topics were addressed, including a possible

speed limit

. In addition, Merz said: "Economically, there is probably little time against it, psychologically speaks a lot about it". It is "a pure symbol topic at the end of the day". There is no speed limit on three percent of the streets in Germany, and the remaining 97 percent already. "And we build cars in Germany, which are geared towards their entire ability - even at higher speeds," said Merz. had previously criticized the

introduction of the Citizens' Burt

by the traffic light coalition. "It is now planned by this federal government - unhindered, unimpressed by all crises - that this citizen benefit is introduced," said Merz. "Does that actually have to be now?" Germany should not afford a "further expansion of this number", he said with reference to the new basic security. Merz praised "political pragmatism" of the Greens about possible future coalition partners in the federal government, said the CDU chairman that with the FDP it would probably not be enough for a coalition "purely arithmetically". Merz does not want a grand coalition with the SPD. Most of the handling of his party with the Social Democrats, he found largely "strange". Merz described the handling of the Greens tip as "polite". Large parts of the Greens are ready for a "political pragmatism", which is also close to his claim.

With regard to a possible candidacy for chancellor in the Bundestag election in 2025, Merz was covered: "My most important task is to run the party so that we will be close to the Federal Chancellery at all."

Merz has been the CDU chair since January after he had run for the office several times. In 2018 he lost the election of the party leader against Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, 2020 against Armin Laschet. Since February 2022 he has also been chairman of the Union faction in the German Bundestag.

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