Sport: Germany against Japan: That is why gang advertising at the 2022 World Cup is not the same everywhere. But not all spectators get the same advertising. We show you why.

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

  Movies that ruined real-life marriages Many celebrity couples got together on set, but for some, the price to pay was the end of their previous marriages. Hollywood is full of love stories, but the truth is that some of these are way messier than we imagine. It's never fun when families get destroyed in the name of love, but sometimes there is no other way. Luckily, many of these stories also have a happy ending, where the couple that was meant to be together actually does get married and lives happily ever after! Well, sometimes. Click through and discover the movies that ruined real-life marriages.

Bandenwerbung beim WM-Spiel zwischen den USA und Wales im Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Ar-Rayyan. © dpa gang advertising in the World Cup game between the USA and Wales in the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in AR-Rayyan. At the European Football Championship , it was discussed why a majority of the gang advertising was Chinese , after all, the tournament is only played out with European national teams. However, the continental tournament is of great importance for the Asian market. Also at the currently ongoing World Cup in Qatar, all sorts of large companies are promoting the gangs on the edge of the field, and here too the advertising that is shown in Iran is different Look at the same game. In top football, however, there are other interesting aspects in terms of gang advertising. If a German team plays abroad, the German viewer often sees the advertising of German companies on the gangs around the field. This may seem strange at first glance, since fans of the French, Spanish or English team on the other side can also follow the game and do less with the German products. [Crosslinks IDS = "15105,15159,1513198"] There is a simple explanation for this: Double production can be used for games from different countries. In this case, different gang advertisements are played on both sides of the field. The transfer of German television then takes place, for example, from the main grandstand and films towards the opposite line, where German advertising flickers across the gang. The Italian television team is on the back and films on the main grandstand and the domestic ads. So both German and Italians are played out "their" advertising. Technically even greater possibilities and flexibility, the whole thing can be solved even more specifically technically without the fan noticing something. The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems has developed an technology that is able to exchange gang advertising during the live broadcast of a football game. So every TV station should be able to play even target group-friendly advertising. The AI-based system can play various advertisements in the same gang to a million audience without anyone noticing it. [YouTube _hredhkq4gk] Some time ago, a video of the English Premier League game between Watford and Middlesbrough Viral showed, which shows how the whole thing can look like in reality. The implementation to be seen already dates from 2017 and is due to the company Adi , which specializes in LED screen technology. For the mere eye, it cannot be seen that the gang advertising to be seen does not correspond to the one that the viewer has in the stadium.

The shameless gangs sentenced in 2022 for bringing terror to North East streets .
Drug empires and armed attacks have been some of the reasons gangs have been put behind bars this yearPolice investigations into gang-related crime are often incredibly complex and can involve officers going undercover and months of hard work before making arrests. However, when the arrests eventually come through, it can take dangerous people off the streets of the North East.

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