Sport: mouth too! The DFB-Elf reacts to the binding disaster

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The German national team made a signal before the World Cup group game against Japan.

Die deutsche Nationalmannschaft zeigt vor dem Spiel gegen Japan bei der WM in Katar, was sie von der FIFA-Androhung hält © provided by The German national team shows before the game against Japan at the World Cup in Qatar, what it thinks of the FIFA threat. The German national team has a sign right before the World Cup group game against Japan set. The German national team reacted to the FIFA announcement that

was to punish the wearing of a "one love" bond


Immediately before the game kicked off against Japan and after the national anthems, the DFB team set a real sign on Wednesday (November 23): At the line-up of the team photo, all players demonstratively consolidated their mouths. The message is clear: you get your mouth prohibited - and do not want to be offered.

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The campaign was not included in the official transfer of FIFA, which is sent to hundreds of countries. However, the ARD showed its own camera from a distance what the players had come up with in response. International photographers naturally recorded the picture.

Discussion about the "One Love" bond

Several European national teams, including those from Germany and the Netherlands, had agreed before the tournament that the team captains wanted to wear the so-called "One Love" flair. It was already used in numerous games of the past and stands as a sign of tolerance from different sexual orientations. Originally it was a bandage with rainbow colors-the previously used flag of the LGBTQI+movement.

But FIFA pointed out that it was a political statement. Other political symbols, such as slogans on T-shirts, are not allowed or are sanctioned. Apparently, the associations, which wanted to play with the "One Love" bond, were only announced shortly before the start of the tournament that there could be drastic sanctions (yellow card, loss of dot). The teams then decided together to do without wearing the bandage.

in the Khalifa International Stadium was also visiting the Federal Minister of the Interior (and also responsible for sport in Germany) Nancy Faeser (SPD). In the stands, she wore a "one love" bandage for everyone visible. Read

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