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Sport: These 3 simple nail designs are announced in winter

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for a pretty design on the nails you don't necessarily have to go to the nail studio. These three pretty nail art ideas also simply succeed at home

Diese Nageldesigns lieben wir im Winter ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto These nail designs we love in winter iStockphoto

in winter we like to make it comfortable at home and spend a lot of time in our own four walls. Perfect to treat yourself to a little beauty time or try something new. Something that combines both is a nice manicure. In keeping with the cold season, we particularly like to decorate our nails with winter motifs. These three ideas can be implemented perfectly at home, because you definitely don't have to be a nail artist. The basis is always an lower varnish and is sealed with an overlack .

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1. Mistulum nail design with toothpicks

For the first nail design you need an green , an white , an Red and an glitterage lacquer .

Pat some green and a little white nail polish side by side on a smooth surface. Mix both with a toothpick and then pick up the mixture. Now press the toothpick slightly diagonally on the nail in the upper or lower nail corner, so that three leaves are created next to each other. Now absorb some red nail polish with a new toothpick and paint three points into the middle of the leaves, these are the berries. Set a few accents with the glittering lacquer. Now repeat any number of nails, the others can be painted completely red or green, e.g. 2. Glitter French

French manicure has been experiencing her comeback for some time and in winter we give her the special glamor upgrade: with glitter! This is super easy and you only need a well -covering glitter lacquer. A thin nail brush can also be helpful, but you can also do it with the normal nail polish brush.

Favorite manicure for the winter: LIP-GLOSS-Nägel

 Favorite manicure for the winter: LIP-GLOSS-Nägel In addition to dark and rich colors such as fir green or bordeaux red, a different nail design in winter is trend. We are talking about shiny LIP gloss nails © ISTOCKPHOTO This simple nail trend goes with every look iStockphoto make-up, hairstyle and manicure trends change in every season. What is totally popular in spring and summer often does not fit for autumn or winter. As for the manicure, we like to use dark and rich tones at the end of the year.

with a thin nail brush, absorb the glitterail pack and draw a thin French tip circuit at the nail end. Repeat on all nails.

You can also use different (glitter) varnishes for the fingers to bring even more variety.

3. Star nails

For this elegant snow flurry on the nails you need a fine shimmer lacquer , a golden nail polish , an thin nail art brush and an transparent varnish with larger glitter pieces .

paint the complete nail with the fine shimmer lacquer. Then pick up the golden paint with the nail art brush and paint a simple star with thin lines on the nail. First paint a thin cross and then add a slightly turned cross. In the end, place a few individual glittering pieces of the glitter lacquer on the nail, also in the middle of the star.

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