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Ancient real estate: prices continue to climb

 Ancient real estate: prices continue to climb © provided by Tribune The apartments see their price increase slower than houses. In slight deceleration, the rise in prices of old real estate continues despite economic uncertainties. In continuation of the dynamism of old real estate from the pandemic, they increased over a year in the third quarter of 2022 by 6.4% against 6.8% of the second and 7.3% of the first, according to the notary index -In revealed this Thursday which refers.

barometer The energy labels of housing is gradually changing color? It is with the aim of answering this question that the FNAIM

unveiled its new quarterly barometer on the DPE on Monday, December 5. Because the calendar is tightening: the climate and resilience law provides for a gradual ban on renting classified accommodation G, F or E.

“We have offered public authorities for a long time that DPE mapping on the scale of cities be implemented . Without still targeting exhaustiveness on all cities, this barometer is a good first step. "Explains the president of FNAIM, Jean-Marc Torrollion. "We want this tool to be useful for all public authorities - government, parliamentarians and local elected officials - to establish, in collaboration with real estate professionals, a renovation plan of the real estate stock, and in particular in the sectors Where it is the most necessary. »

638,542 DPE carried out in the third quarter of 2022

In Aix-en-Provence, the exhibition "Yves Klein, intimate" offers an immersion in the universe of the famous painter

 In Aix-en-Provence, the exhibition The Hôtel de Caumont presents until March 26 an exhibition on life and the work of 'Yves Klein, master of monochrome and blue that bears his name. © provided by Franceinfo An Yves Klein exhibition is still an event. But this has the advantage of diving the visitor into the artistic intimacy of the inventor of the famous Outremer blue named IKB (International Klein Blue). Photos and videos of the artist complement the sixty works presented.

each quarter, many DPEs are made in France: 594,388 in the first three months of 2022, 704,745 out of the following three and 638,542 in the third quarter. “The new DPE, from the latest corrections made, is a reliable indicator. This quarterly barometer will be, for all actors, an essential instrument. If it allows an inventory on date, its follow -up will allow you to see the evolution of DPEs, and therefore to assess the success of the site of the energy renovation of the French building stock "details Yannick Ainouche, president of the CDI FNAIM.

What first emerges from the barometer is the unequal distribution of energy -consuming housing on the territory. In the Mediterranean departments such as Var, Bouches-du-Rhône or Hérault, less than 10 % of the dwellings are classified F or G, while in Lozère the figure rises to 41.5 %. Of the 100 largest cities in France, the observation is even more edifying. The capital thus has 40 % of housing classified F or G while this share is reduced to 7.7 % in Montpellier, for example. Another observation of the experts, the more a city has new or recent housing, the good the note, unlike cities made up of an aging park.

Immobilier: When the republication of announcements speaks volumes about the increase in loan refusals

 Immobilier: When the republication of announcements speaks volumes about the increase in loan refusals expresses a sharp increase in advertising republications on its site. The rate of republication of announcements, namely those which have been depressed due to the signing of a sales compromise but were republished 4 to 8 weeks later, stood at 9.4% in November. Twice as much as six months before. This indicator has remained stable over the past 10 years, generally between 1 and 2%, according to

What are these housing labeled F or G? “They are mainly small houses, heated to fuel oil and often old. Most of these dwellings are in the rental park, and for many at altitude, and apart from the Paris agglomeration, areas where real estate prices are low. Observes Yannick Ainouche.

Make the collective DPE opposable, among others

and without surprises, the more new accommodation is, the better its label "To finish, we have drawn up a map of French construction: in the cities where we built new accommodation In recent years, this has been pulling the park overall to the best labels, while cities where constructions are rare are penalized by a much more energy-consuming old park, ”notes Jean-Marc Torrollion.

For FNAIM, a global strategy in three stages must take place to meet the challenges of the renovation without risking a rarefaction of property for rental. First, it recommends contracting the eradication of all energy -energy housing in private collective park, using the multi -year work plan (PPT) in co -ownership. Then, it encourages solidarity between co -owners by making the collective DPE opposable. Finally, it condition the eradication of all these thermal colanders.

A drive-in cinema is coming to Swansea's Bay Studios this Christmas

  A drive-in cinema is coming to Swansea's Bay Studios this Christmas Gower Dough Presents are bringing films and pizza to Swansea once again with their week of festive film favourites at Bay Studios.You can sit back in the comfort of your own car or van as the American-style drive-in transports you to a winter wonderland with films like The Polar Express and Elf. Hot food and drinks will be delivered to your car and wireless speakers will be given to vehicle.

"These solutions should allow an ambitious renovation of the entire French building stock, synthesizes Jean-Marc Torrollion. Real estate professionals are ready, alongside the public authorities, to hire this project and support owners on this path. We have made commitments to start 50,000 condominium renovations in three years. Already, almost a third of trustees have passed more energy renovation work this year. With all the tools in our hands, we can really achieve carbon reduction goals. It is important to succeed in renovation: efficiency must now take precedence. "

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