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Sport: Peru: the president Castillo dismissed and imprisoned, the vice-president Dina Boluarte invested in his place

Peru: President Pedro Castillo dismissed for "moral inability" and arrested

 Peru: President Pedro Castillo dismissed for © FOTOHOLICA Press/Getty Images President still 24 hours ago, Peruvian Pedro Castillo woke up Thursday morning in detention, in a base Police special forces in Lima. The day before, he was dismissed for "permanent moral incapacity" and arrested at the end of a crazy day which saw his former vice-president, Dina Boluarte , to be invested at the head of the country.

Le président Pedro Castillo a décidé de dissoudre le Parlement et de déclarer l'état d'urgence. AFP/Ernesto BENAVIDES © Ernesto Benavides The President Pedro Castillo decided to dissolve the Parliament and declare the state of emergency. AFP/Ernesto Benavids The Amazon may have its source, political life in Peru is far from being a long, quiet river. Governments follow one another, two presidents had to shorten their terms over the past four years. And now a new major crisis has just burst in the country. Peruvian President Pedro Castillo first ordered the dissolution of Parliament on Wednesday and announced the establishment of an "exceptional government". A few hours later, the Parliament still voted for the dismissal of the president in place. And vice-president Dina Boluarte was invested at the head of the country. "This is a coup that aggravates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome strictly respecting the law," she wrote before taking power on Twitter. Doubt has long survived the fate of Castillo President after the announcement of Dina Boluarte's inauguration. Rumors even reported a possible asylum at the Mexico Embassy in Lima. Finally, the prosecution said that Pedro Castillo was placed in detention. His dismissal for "moral incapacity", broadcast live on television, was approved by 101 of the 130 parliamentarians, including 80 in the opposition. American diplomacy immediately said that it no longer considered Pedro Castillo as the president of the country in practice, welcoming the role of parliamentarians. In his latest effort to save himself from dismissal, the former president had, in addition to the dissolution of the Parliament and the establishment of a curfew. He had assured that he wanted to "convene as soon as possible a new congress with constituent powers to write a new constitution within a period not exceeding nine months". "The judicial system, the judiciary, the public prosecutor, the National Council of Justice, the Constitutional Court are declared in reorganization," he also announced. "Moral incapacity" "It is a coup devoted to failure, Peru wants to live in a democracy," reacted Francisco Morales, president of the Constitutional Court, with RPP radio. "No one should obedience to a usurping government". Hundreds of demonstrators gathered this Wednesday in front of Parliament. "We are tired of this corrupt government, of this government which (we) has been flying since the first day," said Johana, a 51 -year -old worker, in reference to the government of Pedro Castillo. Others, however, called "to respect the people's vote", like Sissy, a 50 -year -old municipal employee. "The people's vote must be respected, since the president arrived, they humiliated it, they did not accept a president from the provinces, the people are not Lima, it is all Peru", She was indignant. "He's going to go to prison. I am sorry for him and his family, ”added Roxana, a 48 -year -old shopkeeper. Pedro Castillo had previously escaped two motions from the Parliament for his dismissal, the last of which in March 2022, which notably criticized him with the repeated ministerial crises and the formation of four governments in eight months, is unprecedented in Peru. This same dismissal for "moral incapacity" which has already dropped two presidents in office, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (right) in 2018 and Martin Vizcarra (center) in 2020, was right as Pedro Castillo (left). Martin Vizcarra’s eviction had sparked violently repressed demonstrations which had left two dead and a hundred injured. His departure had led Peru to have three presidents in five days.

The demonstrations in Peru left 23 dead, 14 since the establishment of the state of emergency. .
© supplied by News 360 Peruvian Army - Ministerio Defensa Perú - Luis Enrique Saldana The Peruvian authorities updated on Saturday afternoon the assessment of the demonstrations which broke out in Peru following the dismissal and arrest of the 'Former President Pedro Castillo, bringing 23 the total number of people killed.

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