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Sport: Lopez Obrador confirms that Mr. Castillo asked the Mexico Embassy in Lima.

"This is a coup d'état"

 Peru President Parliament solves to "This is a coup of state" © t - Online , only hours before an office procedure, Perus President Castillo dissolved the parliament. Critics speak of a coup d'état. in the conflict between the parliament and the government in Peru, President Pedro Castillo has a strike against the congress. He would temporarily dissolve the parliament and use an emergency government, said the head of state in a speech on Wednesday.

Le président mexicain Andrés Manuel López Obrador. - Carlos Santiago/Eyepix via ZUMA / DPA © provided by News 360 Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. - Carlos Santiago / Eyepix via Zuma / DPA

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Thursday that Pedro Castillo had contacted them to ask the political asylum at the Mexico Embassy in Lima, but that he had been intercepted and detained By the authorities, who charged him with an alleged rebellion crime after having announced the dissolution of the congress and the establishment of an exceptional government.

Mr. Lopez Obrador said he had been warned that Mr. Castillo went to the embassy, ​​but regretted that "they had probably already put his phone on listening", so that "he did not Not even able to leave "and" they stopped it immediately ".

Pedro Castillo is transferred to the prison where former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori is detained.

 Pedro Castillo is transferred to the prison where former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori is detained. © supplied by News 360 The former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo - Presidencia de Perú The former President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, was transferred this evening to Barbadillo prison, in Ate, after the public prosecutor open a procedure against him for rebellion and conspiracy. After being retained for several hours at the headquarters of the prefecture in Lima, the ex-president left prison accompanied by a major police device. Mr.

"Shortly after, they took the embassy with the police and also with citizens," said the president, who reported that he asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, to speak to the Mexico Ambassador In Peru, Pablo Monroy, so that "they can open the door to him, in accordance with our tradition of asylum".

The Mexican president demanded that the Peruvian authorities "respect the human rights of Mr. Castillo", "act in the greatest legality" and "protect his family". On the other hand, he indicated that, for the moment, they would not break relations with Peru, even if he asked them "to wait a few days".

"We are going to wait a few days, I think that is the most appropriate thing to do. We do not intend to intervene in attempts, but we regret very much that these things happen, because people suffer, "he said in his morning appearance before the press.

A medical team from the Peruvian public prosecutor performs a toxicological test on Castillo.

 A medical team from the Peruvian public prosecutor performs a toxicological test on Castillo. © provided by News 360 The former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo. - El Comercio / Zuma Press / Contactophoto A team of legal publicists of the Public Prosecutor's Office went to the headquarters of the National Directorate of Special Operations in Peru, where the former president Pedro Castillo is detained, in order to carry out a toxicological examination , we learned from "El Comercio".

As other leaders in the region have done, such as Colombian President Gustavo Petro, Mr. López Obrador also warned that what happened in Peru had already been observed in similar events in countries like Brazil and Argentina.

"It is important to learn the lesson, because this is applied in different places, these are soft strokes, it is no longer a military intervention, it goes with the control of the media that the oligarchs of the countries manage ", did he declare.

The goal of these maneuvers, he denounced, is to "undermine the authorities legally and legitimately constituted, especially if they are people who suffer from the people, or who want to do something for the benefit of the people and do not belong not to the elites ".

"The more the behavior of the elites is detached from the feelings of the people, the better, because very often, here and everywhere, the decisions of the elites have nothing to do with the feelings and the benefit of the people," said Lopez Obrador.

Wednesday, the Peruvian congress approved the dismissal of Pedro Castillo shortly after he announced the closure of the Parliament and declared an exceptional government, all in a context of strong political pressures and investigations on alleged corruption which It has been the subject since its entry into office in July 2021.

After being arrested, Castillo was accused of the rebellion crime. His post, as required by the Constitution, was taken up by the former vice-president Dina Boluarte.

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