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Mick Jagger delights fans with tribute to Rolling Stone Keith Richards on 79th birthday

  Mick Jagger delights fans with tribute to Rolling Stone Keith Richards on 79th birthday Mick Jagger has paid tribute to Keith Richard on his 79th birthday, honouring the time they've spent together as part of the legendary group The Rolling Stones.Though Keith once wrote that Mick had a "tiny todger" in his autobiography, Life - an insult that didn't spare his blushes - it seems that the pair get on famously now.

at the latest since the Netflix documentary, nobody has believed in reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry. But a miracle has obviously happened ...

Prinz Harry & Prinz William © i Images/Imago Prince Harry & Prinz William

Sometimes it has to get worse so that it can get better. Prince Harry and his brother Crown Prince William definitely apply this. At first there was a lot of roar, concentrated fists. But in the end the brothers are said to have reconciled. It is the sensation in England! The Christmas miracle that so many had hoped for!

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Happy Valley series 3 review - a bittersweet return for one of the BBC's best

  Happy Valley series 3 review - a bittersweet return for one of the BBC's best There's happiness back in the valley, but not for long.Lancashire's perfect portrayal of Catherine is still world-weary but caring, sarcastic yet sincere, and savvy in the face of stupidity, as evidenced once again in the opening scenes, which see her effortlessly disarm cocksure CSI detectives thanks to her encyclopedic knowledge of Yorkshire's criminal past.

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Harald Glööckler: Shattering confession - "Everything is broken!"

Prince William Jung: Haar-hammer! The royal used to see that it was a lot of wiping Prince William and Prince Harry. Review: It is said that Harry has been secretly in his homeland for some time after Duchess Meghan thrown him out of the house in California target. Although it was reported that Meghan was said to have threatened, he would never see his children again if he did not return. Harry apparently did not let that be deterred. When the Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan" appeared, he was said to have been in England.

In this document, the red -haired prince and his wife once again raise serious accusations. Against intrusive paparazzi, the palace and the royal family. Both of them had been harassed that they hadn't been taken care of enough that they were protected too little. Meghan would have had to teach himself everything about the royal life and had little help. And Princess Kate, Williams loved one, is also being attacked. Harry claims that many of the men in the family did not get married to their soul mates, but someone who "corresponds to an ideal form", that is, perfectly fits into the system. William should be sure that he played on Kate. A terrible affront for him. After all, Kate is the love of his life!

Escape to the Chateau is over (sob!) but what's next for Dick and Angel Strawbridge?

  Escape to the Chateau is over (sob!) but what's next for Dick and Angel Strawbridge? Here's what we know so farWhile the popular TV couple may have closed the chapter on documenting their fabulous renovations at Château de la Motte-Husson (projects are still ongoing but it won’t be filmed for TV), they're turning their attentions to new adventures, firstly unlocking the secrets of France in a brand new travel series.

have the brothers finally spoken out?

After the Crown Prince has looked at the documentary, the two are said to have withdrawn in William's study. There William kept shouting on his brother. The sentence "How could you?" should have fallen several times. Harry is also said to have shouted, but quieter, so that he could not be understood from outside.

for three days the brothers are said to have always locked in the study. On the fourth day there was suddenly a little different. "The mood had changed clearly," it says. The brothers are said to have worked solved. Here is a smile because a little joke. Apparently they needed a decent thunderstorm to finally get along again!

The good news is said to have spread like a running fire throughout the palace. "Yes, it is really the Christmas miracle we hoped for," says the palace. It would really be desirable to the family ...

Duchess Kate - Hurray, the 4th baby! In the video there are all details:

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