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Sport: Boxing. Loïc Tajan, the worker of the ring well endowed by nature

BBC television presenter to make cameo in Detectorists Christmas special

  BBC television presenter to make cameo in Detectorists Christmas special The highly-anticipated Christmas special filmed in Suffolk will air on Boxing Day at 9pmProfessor Roberts, who has presented several BBC shows surrounding anthropology, told the Radio Times her brief appearance in the new Detectorists special is due to filming clashes. She said: "I was in the middle of filming the tenth series of my archaeology series Digging for Britain and for a while it looked as though we just wouldn't make it work.

Loïc Tajan est un grand démonstratif. © Sebastien God becomes Loïc Tajan is a great demonstrative.

Last June, Loïc Tajan had electrified the public from the Zénith de Nantes Métropole, terraging from the second round Elie Konki. The Loiret boxer returns this Friday in a city where he benefits from a real love rating. Tajan is playing the evening organized by the Boxing Club Baulois. He will face the Mexican Rosendo Hugo Guarneros for an IBA intercontinental belt but above all for fun. Portrait of a offbeat but endearing boxer.

At 32, Loïc Tajan does not embody the future but he can remind friends that youth remains above all a question of soul freshness. With his fists, the Villemandeur boxer sparks. With his words, the papa of little Aaron, three years for a week, does not dodge any subject.

Gogglebox stars Mica and Marcus quit after five years on hit Channel 4 show

  Gogglebox stars Mica and Marcus quit after five years on hit Channel 4 show The couple have been part of the hit series for the last several years but have now decided to leaveTaking to social media, the couple issued an emotional statement to their Instagram followers today (Dec 19). “We’ve had so much fun with you all tuning in at home and the hardworking Gogglebox crew," they said. "But it’s time to put down the remote and see what else God has in store for us.

unpredictable, crazy, eminently endearing but incredibly detached, Tajan does not want to deny itself. He is not a rooster with a skillfully orchestrated career, just a lover of life, capable of putting on parentheses on Friday and Saturday, ready to sacrifice a month to become this instinct boxer with devastating punch but talent in no way recognized. "This power is an essential gift for success at the highest level", recalls its provost history, Jean-Michel Vincent.

Tajan had only four professional fights behind him when he shaken Elie Konki at the H Arena during the French rooster championship. The judges did not designate him but the public dubbed him. Last June, at the Zénith de Nantes, revenge turned out to be as radiant as it is lightning. Two rounds, a right-left sequence, were enough for him to bring the man of Rio and restore the truth of the ring.

Even in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, nature is in real trouble. Urgent, bold action is required – Simon Jones

  Even in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, nature is in real trouble. Urgent, bold action is required – Simon Jones Last week was an important one for nature. While government ministers from across the world continued negotiations at COP15 in Montreal, closer to home, Scotland’s new Biodiversity Strategy was launched, setting out a long-term vision for halting the loss of species and restoring Scotland’s natural environment. © A view from Duncryne Hill of mist sitting over Loch Lomond (Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) At the same time, the Scottish Government is consulting on how a new national park might best protect and restore nature, tackle climate change and promote sustainable land use.

Boxing is not his livelihood, he keeps repeating it. Practically until the end, Loïc Tajan sounded his alarm clock at five in the morning to hire Brico Dépôt de Montargis. Boxing never fed me, it uses not to take a belly! I have other cats to whip. I prefer my peaceful little life, my evenings with friends rather than draconian diets and patient preparations. Boxing is just a hobby, I fly over it!

Feeling the leather of the gloves

His sport has often forgotten it on the side of the road. At the same time, he got out of the car while he was among the members of the French amateur team. I still remember this day he called me saying, come and get me, the insep, it's not for me, I'm going to fart a cable! I like boxing but not to the point of eating it morning and evening. Jean-Michel Vincent had executed himself immediately.

Boxing disgusts it when it designates, for example, Élie Konki in her place for a European title. It's unhealthy. Perhaps I am doomed to be part of the workers or the melancholy ... At the moment, this designation put me a blow in morale and then, very quickly, I said to myself, everything is fine, I'm fine ... In Nantes, he is the Joker, the nickname that David Musset baptized him. One of the best bids in comics also accompanies the Loiret tattooed on the back of his right calf. It’s well found. When I get on a ring, it is to turn off the light as when I go to bed. Mexican Rosendo Hugo Guarneros (19 victories including 9 by K.-O., 5 defeats including 1 by K.-O., 2 draws) may be the next to fall asleep. I saw his fight against Georges Oury (points defeat) , I expect to suffer. I try to take a little interest in my opponents and my environment because to speak politely, I tended to find myself as a C ... in the discussions.

The IBA intercontinental belt is just a detail for him. World or village championship, as soon as I feel the leather of the gloves enter my hands, let's go! Nordine Oubali was WBC world champion and what happened in his life? Nothing exceptional, he just took a lot of blows. I might have stopped before ... The only pressure that Loïc Tajan knows outside the shooter concerns his entrance. I prepared something funny, I don't want to miss myself. The rest is just two guys who will go to war.

Traffic warden slaps street of cars with parking tickets on Boxing Day .
A traffic warden slapped 12 cars with parking tickets after drivers mistakenly thought they could park on the street for free on Boxing Day. But parking restrictions were in place on Monday.Video posted to TikTok shows an entire row of parked cars in Watford were plastered with penalty charge notices the day after Christmas.

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