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Sport: Helene Fischer Show: ZDF Kegelt Schlager Show again

live breakdown: Carmen Nebel does not notice that microphone is on-and reveals secret viewer data

 live breakdown: Carmen Nebel does not notice that microphone is on-and reveals secret viewer data live breakdown: Carmen Nebel does not notice that microphone is on-and reveals secret viewer data while Carmen Nebel donates in "The most beautiful Christmas hits" Collecting the good cause, there is a breakdown on ZDF: the moderator reveals the telephone number of a viewer - while her microphone is still on. Munich - The Christmas season is donation time. And so a lot of money was collected for a good cause at ZDF on Thursday evening (December 8th).

What was at least as much a part of Christmas for many people as the tree? The "Helene Fischer Show" (ZDF) on Christmas Day! A total of ten programs (2011 to 2020) let the TV station flicker over the television of Germans before suddenly ending in 2020. Also on Sunday evening (December 25, 2022) there will be no new show about the blonde hit singer. At least not in TV ..

Statt Helene Fischer, hier im Oktober 2022, sehen die Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer am Sonntagabend (25. Dezember 2022) einen echten Retro-Klassiker im ZDF. © Picture Alliance/dpa instead of Helene Fischer, here in October 2022, the spectators will see a real retro classic on ZDF on Sunday evening (December 25, 2022). Instead, the ZDF relies on retro-and also produces a TV classic from the sinking this year. ZDF shows "Dalli Dalli" instead of "Helene Fischer Show" Christmas with the popular television classic: This year, too, moderator Johannes B. Kerner (8:15 p.m., ZDF) gives its celebrities the legendary start signal: "Dalli Dalli!"

strike at ARD and ZDF: Popular programs are canceled!

 strike at ARD and ZDF: Popular programs are canceled! A strike in public law leads to irritating program changes. Individual programs are completely. The details. © Imago / Rüdiger Wölk; Imago ARD and ZDF at the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF is on strike. As the VRFF media union reports, the strike has been running until the morning since Tuesday night (December 13, 2022). The consequences of the failure of several employees are already noticeable.

in Playing fast -paced and at "Dalli click" everything revolves around Christmas and New Year's Eve that evening. And when the prominently occupied teams of two achieve a particularly large number of points, it is said again: "You think: 'That was great'!"

take place behind the rat desks: Annette Frier and Edin Hasanovic, Christoph Maria Herbst and Anneke Kim Sarnau, Karoline Herfurth and Nora Tschirner, Andrea Kiewel and David Garrett, Palina Rojinski and Riccardo Simonetti, Sonja Kirchberger and Stefan Jürgens, Ilka Bessin and Steffen Henssler as well as Kristina Inhof and Jochen Breyer.

for the first time as a jury: Caro Daur and Joachim Llambi. They expect exactly in the association games or the "Dalli tone leader". And another popular "Dalli Dalli" tradition is experiencing a new edition in this issue: quick drawing Oskar (bourgeois Hans Bierbrauer) has a worthy successor with Daniel Stieglitz.

"Helene Fischer Show": Fans still get their money's worth-but there is protest

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Water on the mills of the "Reichsbürger"

 Markus Lanz (ZDF): Water on the mills of the © Screenshot ZDF The valley round with Markus Lanz from December 13th on ZDF. Markus Lanz (ZDF): Water on the mills of the "Reichsbürger" A talks about the inner security of Germany, dangers of self-proclaimed "imperial citizens" and allegations of corruption in the EU Parliament: How unstable is democracy? Hamburg-The case of Eva Kaili sounds like "a bad thriller": Apparently there were attempts from Qatar to operate a "positive mood" and "eyewiping" through the EU Vice President.

without Helene Fischer, but the Schlager fans do not have to do this year, as the blonde reveals on Instagram on Saturday (December 24, 2022) : "On December 25th at 8 p.m., we would like to look back on the musical highlights of the 'Helene Fischer Show'. Have a look on the YouTube channel and have fun in the chat of the unique YouTube stream, ”it said in Helene Fischers Post.

see Helene Fischer's Instagram post here:

But somehow the more than 952,000 Instagram fans of the Schlager star were not really enthusiastic.

“A new show would please me more. I don't need to repeat the repetition. Too bad. "

" already warmed up again. "" The times are over when I look at the cut cheese. The very first show was best. Then it went downhill. ”(DPA/CW)

"Storm of Love": Dies Helene because of Shirin? .
Helene and Gerry's girlfriend became a real dream team at " Sturm der Liebe " - until Shirin lost the eyesight in an accident and her entire life was turned upside down. Since then, not only the relationship with Gerry has suffered from physical and psychological stress, Shirin also had to give up her work in beauty salon for the time being.

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