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Sport: Bayern calls for more say in hydrogen strategy

New Zealand smoking ban: GP calls on Northern Ireland to learn from 'radical' new law

  New Zealand smoking ban: GP calls on Northern Ireland to learn from 'radical' new law A GP and former MP says that Northern Ireland should learn from the New Zealand decision to ban the next generation from smoking.The new law says that tobacco cannot ever be sold to anybody born on or after January 1, 2009.

When implementing the national hydrogen strategy, the federal government does not bind enough in Bavaria's countries, industry and investors. "Far too little happens, everyone involved speeches too little together," said Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) of the German Press Agency in Munich.

Auf dem Gelände des Energieunternehmens Enertrag im brandenburgischen Prenzlau wird Wasserstoff hergestellt. © Christophe Gateau/dpa on the site of the energy company Energetrag in the Brandenburg Prenzlau is produced.

currently there are many ideas and initiatives of individuals, but these would often not be adequately coordinated.

at the turn of the year Bavaria takes over the chair of the Economic Ministers' Conference. Therefore, Aiwanger has planned to put the topic at the top of the agenda here: "We have to develop an overall concept, make a common plan on how we can get to the goal as soon as possible." Germany runs through the fingers. For example, it is necessary to capture the individual potential of the countries and their respective interests, said Aiwanger. In working rounds, everyone involved would have to be brought to a table.

How Alex Gray sacrificed winning The Traitors for her own sanity

  How Alex Gray sacrificed winning The Traitors for her own sanity 'In theory, it's just a game but, for us, it was our reality.'Hosted by Claudia Winkleman, the thrilling BBC gameshow sees 22 strangers enter the game of a lifetime in the Scottish highlands, all on a mission to win £120,000.

Gaspipelines for hydrogen use

from the point of view of Aiwangers, the problem in the current phase is particularly evident in the expansion of the distribution networks. The foundation of a new state hydrogen network company planned by the federal government was doomed to fail, he said. This will unnecessarily delay the expansion, since the operators of the gas networks would already see much more clearly what is necessary. A large part of the available gas pipelines can be used for hydrogen.

For the fastest possible availability of hydrogen, ambitious goals are also needed. For Bavaria this is for him: a connection to hydrogen pipelines for years "2025 following". Here, for example, the announcement of the remote control system operators Gascade, Ontras and Terranets BW to build a pipeline from the Baltic Sea to Thuringia until 2025 hope that Bavaria would also be connected quickly.

increase required: Bavaria has so far been required for cheap residents 'parking fees

 increase required: Bavaria has so far been required for cheap residents 'parking fees : Bavaria has so far remained with cheap resident parking fees The German environmental aid is demanding an increase in fees for residents' parking. This is actually possible, but the state government states at the low prices. Munich - In many German cities there are residents' parking cards for 30 euros a year, which is 8 cents. That is also the case in Bavaria. Although the price limit has now tipped, the state government still holds on the favorable fees.

should help, he can also imagine building a pipeline from Bavaria to Thuringia. The operators themselves expect a transport to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg from 2030.

“Green” hydrogen essential for climate goals

At the energy transition in Germany, an important function is attributed to an important function. “Green” hydrogen is considered essential to reach the climate goals. With electricity from renewable sources, the hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, with which the energy requirement of the steel industry is to be covered. At the moment, the energy source produced from green electricity is still scarce and comparatively expensive.

Even without a connection to an international pipeline network, Aiwanger expects the topic and also practical use to become more important. In Bavaria, for example, there will be petrol stations for trucks that would be supplied with regionally generated hydrogen. In order for the industry to switch to hydrogen, it takes an international pipeline supply.

strike of liberal doctors: immersion at the Samu de Melun, overwhelmed by .
© Valentine Chapuis / AFP calls since the start of the liberal doctors' strike on Monday, the SAMU is over-area. This is the case, for example, at the Melun, Seine-et-Marne call center, where Europe 1 went. There, reinforcement was called to respond to all patients. A device similar to what this center experienced during the first wave of COVID-19. The phone rings. "The Samu of Seine-et-Marne, hello," says a standardist in the Melun call center.

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