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Sport: significantly more unauthorized entry in 2022

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The number of unauthorized entry to Bavaria is likely to have doubled in 2022, according to the federal police. While around 15,700 cases were registered in 2021, there were around 27,260 unauthorized entry in 2022 (date: December 6), according to preliminary figures, as the authority announced.

Polizisten kontrollieren an einer mobilen Kontrollstelle Fahrzeuge. © Sven Hoppe/dpa/archive picture police officers control vehicles at a mobile control point.

During the Pandemie Years 2020 and 2021, the numbers had decreased noticeably. According to the Federal Police Balance, there were 14,500 registered unauthorized entry, in 2020 there were 13,400 cases. The decline may have been due to border closures and train failures due to Corona restrictions, a spokesman said. One could only guess the reasons for the significant increase in 2022.

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  Dutch leader apologizes for Netherlands' role in slave trade THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte apologized Monday on behalf of his government for the Netherlands’ role in slavery and the slave trade, in a speech welcomed by activists as historic but lacking in concrete plans for repair and reparations. “Today I apologize,” Rutte said in a 20-minute speech that was greeted with silence by an invited audience at the National Archive. Ahead of the speech, Waldo Koendjbiharie, a retiree who was born in Suriname but lived for years in the Netherlands, said an apology was not enough.“It’s about money. Apologies are words and with those words you can’t buy anything,” he said.

The five most common countries of origin were the information after 2022 to November Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and Tunisia. Over the year last year, most of the people who had traveled unauthorized came from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq and Albania.

There was a shift in the type of entry: While 2019 the majority of people across the street - 36 percent by car, 31 percent by bus - and only 22 percent by train, the ratio revolved in 2022. Of the unauthorized persons until November, 49 percent came by train, 27 percent used cars and twelve percent buses.

Citizens from the EU can generally not be unauthorized, as a spokesman explained. People from outside the EU are considered to be unauthorized, who, for example, do not have the necessary visa and border crossing documents or financial collateral.

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