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Sport: RWE: Energy group signed Delivery contract for liquefied gas from the USA

High heating costs for poorly insulated houses

 High heating costs for poorly insulated houses residents of poorly insulated houses, despite the gas price brake, have to pay almost seven times as much for gas under certain circumstances as residents of well -insulated houses. This is the result of a calculation of the Initiative Climate Neutral Germany. According to this, around three million houses in Germany belong to the worst energy efficiency class H. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa In poorly insulated houses, gas consumption is still high.

The energy company RWE has concluded a delivery contract for 2.25 million tons of liquefied gas (LNG) annually from the USA. However, the deliveries will not begin until 2027, as RWE Supply & Trading announced on Wednesday. According to the company, the agreed volume corresponds to around 30 ship loads or around 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The contract has a term of 15 years. The contractual partner is the US company Sempra Infrastructure, which develops, builds and operates and operates LNG systems and LNG development projects on the Gulf Coast of North America and the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The LNG from Wilhelmshaven can flow

 The LNG from Wilhelmshaven can flow with the participation of Chancellor Scholz and other political prominence, the first German liquefied dose of the North Sea has been opened in the port of the North Sea city. It should cover almost six percent of the gas requirement annually. © Michael Sohn/Reuters Certainly held and dressed Chancellor Scholz and Finance Minister Lindner in Wilhelmshaven.

Der Energiekonzern RWE hat einen Liefervertrag über jährlich 2,25 Millionen Tonnen Flüssiggas (LNG) aus den USA abgeschlossen (Symbolbild). © dpa The energy group RWE has concluded a delivery contract for 2.25 million tons of liquid gas (LNG) from the USA annually (symbol image).

The LNG is to be delivered from a new terminal in Texan Port Arthur, which is expected to be put into operation in 2027. The deliveries can be delivered by RWE to any place in the world - for example to the LNG importing systems in Germany, it said. The head of RWE Supply & Trading, Andree Stracke, described the agreement as a further important step in the diversification of German gas supply and the long -term increase in security in Europe. (dpa)

stands of the memory increased: mild temperatures and a lot of wind reduce gas consumption .
in Germany, the gas storage stands have risen above average over the past five days. The market prices for gas recently dropped strongly. © Photo: dpa/Axel Heimken Messin storm duck indicate the line pressure of pipes of a gas pond. The storage stalls of the Gass storage have risen constantly in the past few days. "Germany has been saving gas again for five days," said the head of the Federal Network Agency Klaus Müller on Tuesday.

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