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Tech & Science: Microsoft's Safety Chip Pluton: Dell also does not want to use it

Microsoft share: After the Activision Deal, the flatfom king starts!

 Microsoft share: After the Activision Deal, the flatfom king starts! I had to look briefly on the calendar when I read that. Do we already have the 1st of April? No. Microsoft (WKN: 870747) buys the Gaming Giant Activision Blizzard (WKN: A0Q4K4). © Provided by The Motley Fool, Inc Growth Shares This is a blast. Because the portfolio of Microsoft grows around some exciting franchises such as Starcraft, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush. The deal should be 68.7 billion US dollars - a new record.

Microsoft Pluton Titelbild © Provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Pluton Title Image

In the fall of 2020, Microsoft had presented its safety chip Pluton, which is to succeed the TPM module and is integrated directly into the CPU. In the OEMs, however, they have been lying down so far. After Lenovo already communicated not to activate Pluton on his devices, Dell has now also announced to give up Pluton at least for the time being.

One will not activate Pluton on its commercial market devices, Dell to understand Therovert (via Golem ). "Pluton does not fit for Dell's approach to hardware security and our safest commercial PC requirements" states. However, a final cancellation does not want to give the technology, but instead you will observe the further development and then re-evaluate the situation.

UK chip maker Arm to axe hundreds of jobs after takeover collapses

  UK chip maker Arm to axe hundreds of jobs after takeover collapses Arm boss Rene Haas told staff of the computer chip maker yesterday that the cuts would affect 12% to 15% of its 4,400 strong global workforce – meaning over 600 jobs could be at risk.Arm employs around 1,800 people in the UK.

The Pluton Co processor is included in the AMD Ryzen 6000 series, including the 12th generation of Intel's mobile core processors has pluton on board. With appropriate devices, however, Dell continues to set an external TPM module. The "rejection" of Pluton is likely to come less so that Dell keeps the technology inappropriate, it is likely to be due to the fact that the in-house firmware would have to be adjusted accordingly extensively. Besides, Pluton is new and nobody wants to expose to the risk of exploiting any childhood diseases.

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Microsoft's Feedback Portal continues to grow: Windows 365 is the latest member .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Feedback Portal Title Image Since the end of 2021 Microsoft works on a new feedback platform. The ambitious goal: All customer feedback on all Microsoft products should be collected at a central location. In the meantime, more than 40 products are represented in the new portal, the latest new entry is Windows 365. Windows from the cloud, for which interesting innovations have been announced recently , is still a young product.

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