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Tech & Science: Innovation. France always files more patents

"Shocking Truth" in newly revealed UFO files of the Pentagon

 mysterious in long format: A new series should reveal the shocking truth behind the world-moving UFO files of the Pentagons. The details. © SimonBradfield / iStock Series via UFO Sightings In April 2020, the Pentagon has released three clips of "unidentified air phenomena" (UAP) - including the now famous Gimbal recordings. In January last year, the US intelligence services were invited as part of a Covid-19 law to communicate everything to the Congress, which they know about UFOs.

Pascal Faure, directeur général de l’Institut national de la propriété industrielle (INPI). © Brian of Halgouet Pascal Faure, Director General of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

France is always innovating more. Nearly 15,000 patents filed in 2021 and 113,070 new registered brands. A continuous increase for four years.

pandemic or not, France creates and innovates. The figures presented by the INPI, National Institute of Intellectual Protection, demonstrate: new records last year, 14,758 patents filed and 113,070 brands created in 2021. up 3.1% and 6, respectively, respectively. 5% compared to 2020.

We can only be enthusiastic about this new record, commented Pascal Faure, General Manager of INPI . This shows that there has been a rebound effect after the crisis. She did not hinder the projects of our entrepreneurs. A number probably to work with a number of business creations also rising.

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Indeed almost one million companies were created in France in 2021 according to INSEE. Only the number of designer requests and models deposited is stable. It will be necessary to wait until June to know the details. If the patent deposits are a good indicator of business health, the publication of the latter, often 18 months later, brings the finesse of innovation and the French economy: large groups, but also research organizations. public and smaller businesses. Last year, for example, the IRT Jules-Vernes, Georges-Renault and the University of Nantes appear at the top of the 10,020 winners of the Patent applicants in the Loire Pays listed by the INPI.

The success of Data Inpi

For two years, the INPI launched Data Inpi : free data service that gather those related to industrial property but also legal identity data and corporate accounts. 61.2 million data in total.

An open service to re-users who went from to 2,589 in 2020 to 5,471 in 2021. The latter use these data to create value-added services, via free licenses. The portal allows you to follow the news of a company, a brand, a patent or a drawing and model by creating free alerts. Also note that since January 1, 2022, the INPI is the one-stop operator of the business formalities and it will be the only way possible for these formalities from 1 January 2023.

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After Wil Wheaton opened up about the trauma he went through filming Stand By Me, former co-star Jerry O'Connell reached out .The Star Trek: TNG alum has been open in recent years about the alleged emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents. He claimed his actress mother manipulated him into becoming an actor. But it was reportedly the emotional trauma inflicted by his father that informed his performance in the classic coming-of-age drama. He felt a connection with the emotionally distant Gordie Lachance as both lived in the shadow of their brothers and were treated as scapegoats for familial problems.

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