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Tech & Science: USA. Google targeted by a racial discrimination complaint by an ex-employee

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L'entrée de l'un des batîments du siège de Google à Mountain View, aux Etats-Unis, le 8 mai 2019. © Paresh Dave / Reuters The entry of one of the google headquarters to Mountain View, in the United States, May 8, 2019.

A Ex-employee who worked six years at Google, the United States, accuses the tech giant of having underpaid it because of its skin color.

A former Google Black Employee in the United States complained Friday, March 18 against the technology giant that it accuses racial discrimination, considering having been underpaid and not been promoted.

In a document deposited with the Federal Court of San José (California), April Curley's lawyers say "Google is involved in recurring racial discrimination practices against his black and African-American employees.

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April Curley was hired by Google in 2014 to develop the recruitment programs for American American students, but claims to have been marginalized and discriminated against by his former employer, who would have used her as of an "blow marketing" .

It says in particular to have been the victim of stereotypes associated with black women in the United States, being described by one of its white superiors such as "intimidating" , "hostile" and "eclectic" . This same manager would oppose any increase in his salary and professional promotion.

The employee was fired

April Curley was limited from Google in September 2020, a dismissal she deems illegal and that she qualifies as retaliation for her efforts to denounce discriminatory practices within the company. .

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"APRIL CURLEY was an exceptional employee at Google ', said in a Ben Crump statement, one of the complainant's lawyers, known for defending many black victims of police violence. "She was hired at a well below her skills and was unfairly ignored for promotions repeatedly. Although Google pretends to enhance diversity, reality is that it undervalues, underpaid and mistreated its black employees, which leads to an important rotation of the staff.

The complaint accuses the Californian group of large-scale discrimination, numbers in support. The lawyers report, for example, that only 4.4% of Google employees are defined as black, compared to 9.1% at the national level for companies in the same sector of activity.

A group remedy

The executive positions are only occupied by 3% of black employees, underlines the judicial document.

April Curley's lawyers filed a class action ("Class Action") on the grounds that other Black Google employees were discriminations similar to those experienced by April Curley and must therefore be compensated.

The lawyers also evoke an investigation opened by a Californian civil rights agency responsible for the Google treatment of its black employees and another similar survey launched by the California Assembly. Solicited by AFP, Google has not reacted immediately.

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