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Tech & Science: Spacex. Follow the arrival of the first tourists in the International Space Station

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Les trois hommes d’affaires et leur commandant de bord doivent rester à bord de l’ISS durant 8 jours (photo d’illustration). © AFP Photo / NASA / ROSCOSMOS The three businessmen and their captain must stay aboard the ISS for 8 days (photo of drawing).

The Axiom-1 mission, the first private flight to the international space station, is arriving at the destination, this Saturday, April 9, 2022. She had taken off yesterday from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, with on board three men business and a former astronaut.

direction the stars. For the first time, civilians took off to the international space station yesterday, Friday, April 8, 2022, at 5:15 pm very precisely, from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is on board a spacex rocket that three businessmen took place and a former astronaut for the first private mission to the international space station.

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The dragon capsule must rout this Saturday, April 9 at the ISS around 13:30 French hour. An arrival you can follow live on the YouTube channel of NASA or that of Spacex.

Tens of millions of dollars per passenger

The commander of the mission named Axiom-1 is the American-Spanish Michael Lopez-Alegria, who has already paid aboard the ISS. The three passengers, who have disbursed several tens of millions of dollars to fly to the ISS, are the American Larry Connor, founder of a real estate company, the Canadian Mark Pathy, boss of a company. Investment and finally Israeli Eytan Stibbe, co-founder of an investment fund. The latter will be the second Israeli astronaut in history, after Ilan Ramon, died in 2003 in the explosion of the American spatial shuttle Columbia, on his return from the ISS.

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"It was a good friend," declared Eytan Stibbe at a press conference before departure. " I will continue an experience he started 19 years ago, focused on storm observation," stressed.

Twenty-five Extensive Experiences On board

The four men have a well-filled program, with some experiences, aging, cardiac health, or stem cells. They must spend eight days aboard the station.

It is only the sixth time Spacex is flying humans (the fifth to the ISS). The first flight took place less than two years ago. Axiom Space has concluded an agreement for a total of four missions with Spacex, and NASA has already formally approved the principle of a second, AX-2

Three Chinese returning from a record stay in space .
© St Chinese astronauts Ye Guangfu, Wang Yaping and Zhai Zhigang, at the Jiuquan launch center (northwestern China) October 15, 2021 It is the longest stay ever done by China in space: the three astronauts of the Shenzhou-13 mission returned on earth Saturday after six months spent in the Chinese space station. This is a successful new stage for Beijing in its ambitious spatial program to catch up with the United States, Europe and Russia.

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