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Tech & Science: Duisburg successfully: «Against all resistors»

Welcome Classes for Ukrainian Schoolchildren

 Welcome Classes for Ukrainian Schoolchildren Dusseldorf. Soon special welcome classes could be set up in Düsseldorf for children fled from Ukraine. "So far, only occasional adolescents were registered; But we prepare for more students, "says Dagmar, head of the Office for School and Education. © Patrick Pleul The schools will take numerous children from the war areas in the coming weeks. Last Friday she talked to the speakers of all school forms about the topic.

coach Hagen Schmidt sees the team of the MSV Duisburg fighter and mentally set for the final season phase in the relegation battle in the 3rd football league. "Everyone has turned out everything, we really held together as a team and stems against all resistance," said the coach after 2: 1 (1: 1) success against the Halleschen FC. Despite the lack of multiple injured or sick player like attacker Moritz Stoppelkamp, ​​the MSV was able to stop his negative trend on Saturday after a two defeats behind each other.

Ein Fußballspieler spielt den Ball. © Jens Büttner / DPA central picture / eg / symbol image A football player plays the ball.

by the eleventh season win, the Duisburgs built on table rank 15 (35 points) on the 33rd match day for the time being their lead the descent zone on five counters to the SC VER Rank 17 out. VERS can shorten the distance with the success on Monday (19.00 clock) at VFL Osnabrück. At the Ostwestfalen Duisburg is a guest at the end of the season on May 14.

A counter is the projection of the MSV to Table-16. Viktoria Berlin, where Duisburg starts the next Saturday (14.00 clock). Schmidt hopes that he is available to him in Berlin team captain Stoppelkamp after muscle faser. "At Steffel, it looks good so far. It's in the positive direction, whether it's enough for Viktoria, we will see, "said Schmidt. In addition, the defenders Vincent Gembalies (crimping) and Niko Bretschneider (cold) are before returning.

Duisburg wants class blast: «To the end by" .
of the MSV Duisburg wants to make the class blast in the 3rd football league as quickly as possible. "We are now on a good way and want to continue there. We're going to go fully until the end, "said MSV coach Hagen Schmidt after the 1-0 (0: 0) success at Viktoria Berlin. Due to the away win, the Duisburgers were able to distance the Viktoria as direct competitors in the relegation battle on the 34th matchday at four points and climbed with 38 counters for the time being on the 13th place.

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