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Tech & Science: Windows 10: Support ends for older versions seam

Windows 11: March update brings fixes and new features for all

 Windows 11: March update brings fixes and new features for all © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Logo Title Image With the monthly update for Windows 11, the latest security patches and bugfixes are available in March as usual, all users of Windows 11 are enjoying new features that were available as an optional update so far.

Windows 10 Logo Titelbild © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 10 Logo Title Image

In May 2022, the support for two older versions of Windows 10 ends, which are at least loud unofficial statistics still in use on every eighth PC. Windows 10 1909 and 20h2 receive last time on Tuesday 10 May 2022.

The dates have been known for a long time, in view of the approaching end date, however, Microsoft has again pointed to . The version 1909 is only supported in the Enterprise area anyway, for the editions home and Pro it has already expired. With a share of just over two percent, it is no longer particularly common.

Version 20h2 is still used on almost eleven percent of all PCs, but Microsoft actively promotes the updating of these devices via Windows Update. Ideally, you do not have to do anything to be prepared for the support end.

after failed update: New unofficial patch for Zero-Day gap available in Windows

 after failed update: New unofficial patch for Zero-Day gap available in Windows © default_credit Updates Patches (Image: Shutterstock / Pavel Ignatov) Even after two updates, a Zero-Day gap can be used in Windows User Profile Service use. A first unofficial patch removes Microsoft with its second ineffective update. Microsoft has not succeeded even after several months to stop a Zero-Day gap in the Windows User Profile Service. As BleepingComputer reported in August 2021 and January 2022, patches did not publish the desired success.

Who is insecure which version of Windows 10 is running on a PC, press the keyboard shortcut Windows + R and enter the Winver command, the corresponding version is displayed.

To update the current version 21h2 of Windows 10, you can also actively search for updates under Windows 10. An official way to "force the update", does not exist because Microsoft does not offer the so-called "Enablement Packages" for download. However, unofficial download sources are not difficult to find .

Microsoft's Feedback Portal continues to grow: Windows 365 is the latest member .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Feedback Portal Title Image Since the end of 2021 Microsoft works on a new feedback platform. The ambitious goal: All customer feedback on all Microsoft products should be collected at a central location. In the meantime, more than 40 products are represented in the new portal, the latest new entry is Windows 365. Windows from the cloud, for which interesting innovations have been announced recently , is still a young product.

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