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Tech & Science: Tesla boss Musks Spacex Provides construction of room capsules An

New car sales down a quarter on pre-Covid levels but EV demand surges

  New car sales down a quarter on pre-Covid levels but EV demand surges Electric car sales were up almost 200% in February, with two expensive Teslas in the top 10 best sellers - both the Model Y SUV (main) and Model 3 saloon (inset).A total of 58,994 new cars joined Britain's roads last month, which is 7,682 more than February 2021 - though car dealerships were shut across the UK a year ago due to the last Covid lockdown.

The production of the Crew Dragon fleet is set according to Spacex President Gwynne Shotwell. The number of crew dragons is to be limited to four room capsules.

PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images © Provil by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images

• Fleet is limited to four crew Dragon spacecapsules

• Spacex relies on reusable spacecraft

• Orbital air test The Starship rocket could take place in May

fleet limitation on four crew dragons

The space company of Tesla -ceo Elon Musk probably introduces the production of crew-dragon astronaut capsules. This gives a senior employee of Spacex compared to the message service Reuters. The fleet of the Crew Dragons was limited to four capsules. Overall, the company focuses on its resources on its next-generation spaceship program. Along with this, the team around Spacex is facing new challenges, as it has to learn to wait a fleet and fix unexpected problems quickly without disturbing the full schedule of astronaut missions. "We end our last (capsule), but we still make components because we will overtake them," explains Spacex President Gwynne Shotwell to Reuters. However, the company will continue to be able to build more capsules if there is a need in the future.

Rammstein: Hunting for Time Capsules

 Rammstein: Hunting for Time Capsules This will cost time: Rammstein hides eleven time capsules worldwide and send it to the search thereafter. After all, the coordinates are known. © Provided by This will cost: Rammstein hides eleven time capsules worldwide and send it to the search thereafter. After all, the coordinates are known. This is an exciting action. Rammstein have hidden eleven time capsules around the world. The coordinates can be found on the band website .

Crew Dragon already brought five crews to the

since 2020 Spacex has already brought with the crew-dragon fleet to all five crews from state and private astronauts. The company's business model is based on reusable spacecrafts, which is why the capsules will be outdated after each flight in the Spacex facilities in Florida, which calls the company "Dragonland". After several use of the capsules, however, there are also problems with the lifecycle, as the retired NASA astronaut and former Spacex department manager Garrett Reisman explains, which the company is now advising on issues of manned space travel. "Spacex is really good in identifying these problems quickly and then fix quickly," says Reisman opposite the agency.

Expert: Ukraine War makes electric cars expensive

 Expert: Ukraine War makes electric cars expensive Russia's war in Ukraine will make electric cars more expensive from expert view - and could thus miss a damper's current change in the industry. © patrick pleul / dpa central picture / eg Electric vehicles of the Tesla brand are loaded before the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg. Reason is above all the rise in the prices for nickel, said industry analyst Pedro Pacheco from the IT market researcher Gartner of the German Press Agency.

First Start of Starship,

delayed a possible successor to the Crew Dragon is the Starship rocket. "Starship, if it reaches his design goals, would be able to expect everything that Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon can do cost cheap," explains Reisman. Upon completion, the Starship rocket should also continue to create much further than just up to the ISS. For example, flights to the moon and Mars are planned. However, the first start of a starship rocket had delayed months due to hurdles in engine development and official reviews.

First Starship Orbital Flight Will Be With Raptor 2 Engines, AS They Are Much More Capable & Reliable. 230 tone Or ~ 500k LB Thrust at Sea Level.

We'll Have 39 Flightworthy Engines Built by Next Month, Then Another Month to Integrate, so Hopefully May for Orbital Flight Test.

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 21, 2022

How to specify MUSK on Twitter , a first orbital air test in May is quite realistic: "The first orbital flight of a spaceship will be done with Raptor-2 engines, as this is much More powerful and more reliable. 230 tons or ~ 500k LB thrust at sea level. To the next month we have built 39 airportual engines, then followed another month for integration, so hopefully an orbital air test in May. " E. Schmal / Editors

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