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Tech & Science: Virtual Reality Headset: Pico Neo 3 Link presented

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Pico Neo 3 Titelbild © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Pico Neo 3 Title Image

With the Neo 3 Link, Pico today presented its first VR headset for Consumer, after the company has been working exclusively in the commercial environment. The Neo 3 link should attract customers with good picture quality and a reasonable price.

The headset has a 5.5 inch display with a resolution of 3,664 x 1.920 pixels, which corresponds to a pixel density of 773 ppi, the image repeat frequency is given with 90 Hz. The raster effect that is common in previous VR headsets should not occur in the light of this data at the Pico Neo 3 link.

The environment is taken over four integrated wide-angle cameras (6DOF tracking), according to Pico, this should work easily in very dark or very bright environments.

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The eye distance can be set between 58 and 69 mm, which is important for an optimal view in the VR environment. For comfort, an artificial leather pad with antifouling coating provides for cleaning. There are also the two 6DOF controllers who have 32 optical tracking sensors.

The clou at the Pico Neo 3 Link is that it can be used both wired with a PC or independently. I quote from the press release:

connected to a VR-suitable laptop or desktop PC allows the Pico Neo 3 link both wired and wireless SteamVR gaming. Wireless streaming takes place via Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 and on the basis of an integrated 5300 MAH battery, which allows a playing time of about 3.5 hours. Alternatively, the Head Mounted Display can also be operated via an enclosed display port cable on the computer or works completely self-sufficient. For this purpose, the NEO 3 links to Qualcomms Snapdragon XR2 platform with Snapdragon-865-SOC, 6 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage space. Content for the standalone function is available through the new Pico App Store, which is already available over 200 apps and expanded continuously.

In Germany, the Pico Neo 3 link can be pre-ordered exclusively via Bestware . The price is 449 euros.

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