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Tech & Science: Right on fast internet maybe later than planned

products from the Internet: How online hopping has changed

 products from the Internet: How online hopping has changed Corona influences people's lives in Germany in a variety of ways. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more consumers are committed to ordering products and services over the Internet. In many cases, it is simply extremely comfortable to order a pizza via PC or smartphone or to deliver fresh foods. Accordingly, there are currently offers, which previously only a few users knew or that it just did not exist. © Authero About the Internet, consumers can now acquire almost everything.

In the so-called right to fast internet, it is very likely to come to a delay. The Federal Cabinet shifted an actually planned cabinet recording to the end of April for this week.

Glasfaserkabel liegen auf einer Baustelle in Niedersachsen. © Sina Schult / DPA Fiberglass Cable are located on a construction site in Lower Saxony.

the resort voting is still, said a spokeswoman of the Federal Digital Ministry. From 1 June, the requirements for a legal claim should apply, but the green light is needed by a Bundestag Committee and the Federal Council. The institutions have only a few meeting dates in the month, where also experts are to be heard. In addition, the relevant politicians need consultation time.

Kuriose Lock: No Windows 11 Upgrade for Users of Internet Explorer

 Kuriose Lock: No Windows 11 Upgrade for Users of Internet Explorer © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Internet Explorer Title Image The good old Internet Explorer creates a little entertainment again for a little entertainment: Microsoft has set up an upgrade lock that prevents updating to Windows 11 when the Internet Explorer is used as the default browser. The share of Internet Explorer is now under one percent, based on a billion Windows users, this is still around 10 million, many software manufacturers would look forward to so many customers.

According to reading of the opposition Union faction in the Bundestag, this schedule is no longer durable - and also from industry circles it means that it is "very, very scarce". The traffic light coalition has "puts her first real project in the field of digital infrastructure," says the Vice Group Chair Nadine Schön (CDU).

At least 10 megabits per second

By changing the telecommunications law At the end of 2021, federal citizens got a legal right to broadband Internet in the fixed network for the first time. The exact amount of this lower limit regulates a regulation whose draft has submitted the Federal Network Agency in March. According to the proposal, a download pace of at least 10 megabits per second should be possible everywhere in Germany.

In the vast majority of households is currently much more possible, in the country and on the outskirts, access to the Internet is sometimes even worse - the residents there would be a minimum. You could claim the legal entitlement to the Federal Network Agency and demand better internet access - after which the Bonn authority could arrange the laying of lines.

positive at the right to fast Internet is also based on the average internet usage in Germany. As the network expansion overall progresses and users book and better contracts, the minimum of year applies to the legal entitlement will also increase year after year.

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