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Tech & Science: Microsoft's Feedback Portal continues to grow: Windows 365 is the latest member

Windows 11: March update brings fixes and new features for all

 Windows 11: March update brings fixes and new features for all © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Logo Title Image With the monthly update for Windows 11, the latest security patches and bugfixes are available in March as usual, all users of Windows 11 are enjoying new features that were available as an optional update so far.

Microsoft Feedback Portal Titelbild © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Feedback Portal Title Image

Since the end of 2021 Microsoft works on a new feedback platform. The ambitious goal: All customer feedback on all Microsoft products should be collected at a central location. In the meantime, more than 40 products are represented in the new portal, the latest new entry is Windows 365.

Windows from the cloud, for which interesting innovations have been announced recently , is still a young product. Proposals for improvement are collected from now on via the feedback portal.

Here is an overview of all products that are now represented in the new portal. The new additions to the last inventory are shown in red:

after failed update: New unofficial patch for Zero-Day gap available in Windows

 after failed update: New unofficial patch for Zero-Day gap available in Windows © default_credit Updates Patches (Image: Shutterstock / Pavel Ignatov) Even after two updates, a Zero-Day gap can be used in Windows User Profile Service use. A first unofficial patch removes Microsoft with its second ineffective update. Microsoft has not succeeded even after several months to stop a Zero-Day gap in the Windows User Profile Service. As BleepingComputer reported in August 2021 and January 2022, patches did not publish the desired success.

Access Bookings Communication Compliance Data Loss Prevention Excel Feedback (Web Portal) Excel Reader Insider Risk Management Launcher Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Microsoft Edge Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Microsoft Family Safety Microsoft Forms Microsoft Information Protection Microsoft Intune Microsoft Stream Microsoft Teams Microsoft To Do Microsoft Viva Connections Microsoft Viva Insights Microsoft Viva Learning Microsoft Viva Topics Onedrive OneNote Outlook Planner PowerPoint Project School Data Sync SharePoint SharePoint Sync Skype SWAY VISIO WHITEBOARD Windows 365 Word Yammer

The "classic" Windows still lacks, but this is also the most elaborate migration. In the feedback HUB, countless entries that need to be transferred to the new format. Microsoft had already announced the start of the new portal that it will take a while until Windows also slips under this roof.

Windows 10: Patchday April 2022 brings security updates and search highlights .
© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 10 Logo Title Image To PatchDay April 2022, Microsoft routinely released a security update for Windows 10. In this, the new search highlights are included, but but still only for a few users are visible. The latest safety fixes are inserted in UPDATE KB5012599 for Windows 10, it brings the operating system build 19042.1645, 19043.1645 or 19044.1645 depending on version.

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