Tech & Science: e-bikes on offer: These bikes are cheaper at Aldi, Lidl and Co.

iPhone 13 at Lidl: Is the discounter offered worth it?

 iPhone 13 at Lidl: Is the discounter offered worth it? © PR Apple iPhone 13 at Lidl iPhone 13 Pro at Lidl: The best deals on the discounter The neat iPhone 13 has been to the bestseller No. 1 within a very short time. The smartphone is currently one of the best products on the market and is therefore very popular with users. In addition to the usual providers such as Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Euronics or Otto, the popular Discounter Lidl also has the iPhone in its range from time to time. But the availability is strongly fluctuating.

Finde und kaufe ein E-Bike bei Lidl, Otto oder Amazon © TVMovie/PR Find and buy an e-bike from Lidl, Otto or Amazon Teutoburger Senne Pedelec Citybike: E-Bike Buy

The light E-Bike Senne Pedelec Citybike from Teutoburger with a deep start is perfect for everyday life-for men and for women. At Amazon there is currently the electric bike for 700 euros instead of 900 euros RRP. 22 percent saved!

The Teutoburger Senne Pedelec Citybike offers:

size: 28 inch 7-speed Shimano chain circuit range: up to 50 kilometers rear wheel engine (36 volt/250 watts) 10.4 ampers' hours/36 volt battery Weight 24 kilograms of resignation brake: yes Zündapp e -Bike trekkingrad Z810: 34 percent discount on Lidl

long tours with the Zündapp e-bike trekkingrad nothing stands in the way-but the Unisex bike for men and women is also suitable for the city. For the unbeatable price of 1,499 euros, you can currently get the bike from Lidl in the online shop. You save 800 euros!

Lidl customer 'never shopping' at store again after 'finding maggots in gherkins'

  Lidl customer 'never shopping' at store again after 'finding maggots in gherkins' The shopper shared a video of the 'maggots' to TikTok TikTok user Esther Clayfield said: "Whatever you do guys, check your gherkins from Lidl, because there might be a little surprise in there for you, some nice pickled maggots to go along with them - yum.

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The Zündapp e-bike trekkingrad Z810 offers:

size: 28 inch 24-speed shimano circuit range: approx. 30 to 125 kilometers (depending on driving style) wheel hub motor on the rear wheel (250 watts) Battery: 11.6 ampers' hours /36 volt battery Weight: 24 kilograms resignation brake: No Fischer E-Bike trekking Viator: 210 Euro Lidl discount

For bargain foxes, Lidl offers another e-bike bargain . For 1,969 euros instead of 2,279 euros you will get the Fischer e-bike trekking viator-an ideal bike for longer excursions thanks to an range of 160 kilometers . With this offer it is worth being quick - only a few bikes are available at Lidl.

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The Fischer E-Bike trekking Viator E-Bike offers:

Discounters Aldi and Lidl will overtake Tesco 'within five years'

  Discounters Aldi and Lidl will overtake Tesco 'within five years' Ronny Gottschlich also cast doubt on whether the new private equity owners of Morrisons and Asda will stay the course. Lidl and Aldi have been busy opening hundreds of stores across Britain – an average of about one a week each – as cash-strapped shoppers switch from much more expensive supermarkets. © Provided by This Is Money Shake-up: Ronny Gottschlich, who ran Lidl's British operation for six years until 2016 The two discounters, both privately owned German companies, have gained £2.

size: 28 inch 10-speed shimano circuit range: up to 160 kilometers of mid-engine battery: 11.6 amperpower/48 volt battery : 26 kilograms of resign brake: No Llobe Rosendaal Lady e-bike: bargains for only 1,579 euros

also Otto now offers e-bikes and has a great offer this month: You can already get the Rosendaal Lady e-bike from LLOBE for 1,579 euros instead of 2,199 euros RRP. With the bike you are not only fast, but also stylish.

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The LLOBE Rosendaal Lady E-Bike offers:

size: 28 inch 3-speed shimano circuit range: 80 to 100 kilometers front engine (36 volt/250 watts) battery: 13.2 Amperpers hours /36 volt Weight: 28 kilograms of resignation brake: Yes Fitifito TK28 E-Bike: Save 1,199 euros at

also for men, Otto has an men's e-bike bargain in stock. You can purchase the Fitifito Urban E-Bike T28 for 1,700 euros. The e-bike originally cost 2,899 euros RRP! You can choose between the colors black, green and white.

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The Fitifito TK28 E-bike offers:

size: 28 inch range: 120 kilometer rear engine (35 volt/250 watts) battery: 14 ampers'/36 volts Weight: yes

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