Tech & Science: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 - now also in white

Discord Voice Chat comes to the Xbox

 Discord Voice Chat comes to the Xbox © provided by Dr. Windows Discord on the Xbox title picture is a moment that many gamers have long been waiting for: Discord Voice Chat comes on the Xbox. The test operation has started, in the foreseeable future the discord integration will then be available to all players.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller cover picture

around a month ago, a (partially) white variant of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 showed in a video, but there was no official announcement. Now you can pre -order the new color variant.

The first generation of the Elite Controller was already in a completely white variant. In the second generation, Microsoft chose a color mixture. While the housing is in white, the handles remain black. This is presumably done to prevent discoloration when used for a long time, which makes a completely white controller become unsightly.

From September 21, the good piece can be bought, the RRP is 129.99 euros. Among other things, you can pre -order the official Microsoft Store and shortly with the relevant retailers.

Logitech G Cloud Stream Games from the Cloud and from the Xbox - for the time being not with us .
© provided by Dr. Windows Logitech G Cloud cover picture Logitech has presented its handheld console this week, which will dock from the cloud to Microsoft's Gamestreaming. This means that we have proven the correct nuclear when it comes to the appointment for the unveiling, but the joy of it is subdued, because for the time being, the device called "Logitech G Cloud" is only available in the USA. From October 17th, the portable console can be purchased there for $ 349.99, and there is a $ 50 d

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