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 weekly horoscope Sagittarius: Your horoscope week from July 25th. - 31.07.2022 This is how the current horoscope week for shooters: If you go to flirting course this week, it will be worth it for you and a special time is imminent! Find out now in your free weekly horoscope for Sagittarius from July 25th. - 31.07.2022 more about love, health and work. © provided by TAG24 Your weekly horoscope for Sagittarius from July 25th. until 31.07.2022. not only find shooters in the weekly horoscope: weekly horoscope shooter: 23.11. - 21.12.

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Today you could face some surprising encounters. They run into a friend who tells them shocking news. You may hear a few rumors about a soap opera that is currently about your circle of friends. None of this may affect it immediately, but it is a bit of variety! Consider the whole thing like a movie in which you are surrounded by actors. But forbid yourself every role in the piece. take time for love!

Love Horoscope

Today you could meet with a few very interesting people and you will get your money's worth. You have always had a weakness for glamorous parties and keep it with the motto: "See and be seen!" And today you could possibly get into conversation with a famous personality or an influential industrial captain. Do not be intimidated by the status of your conversation partner. After all, they didn't fall upside down and have a lot to offer intellectually!

Commonwealth Games 2022: Event kicks off in Birmingham

  Commonwealth Games 2022: Event kicks off in Birmingham Prince Charles will appear in place of The Queen, 96, as she remains at Balmoral for the summer break over fears the long trip down to Birmingham would be too taxing for her mobility issues.Prince Charles and his wife Camilla appeared at the official start of the games where the senior royals represented Her Majesty, who is patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and Head of the Commonwealth.


Do you think of a professional change? In this area, a little should move today. Maybe you will find a new job, maybe something will only change your job description or your responsibility. It is an improvement in any case. In the beginning, not everything may not be ideal, but on the whole they win. You can congratulate yourself!

Wellness Horoscope

In one day like today, an old peasant rule will once again be sun-clear to you: you forget difficult times very quickly and remember happy moments for a long time. They are now spraying with energy. And the question arises as to what you want to do with it. Many areas are offered: you have to rebuild practically everything! Proceed with cleverness.

Daily horoscope for tomorrow

You could be playful and passionate today. They want to express their affection and create a romantic mood at every turn. If you are single, you could wear someone very special today. Flirts with strangers and neighbors are currently particularly fun and they do this in public. If you have a steady relationship, today would be a good day to relax together. Go to a nice restaurant or a nice park together.

Bernard Cribbins death: Doctor Who actor dies aged 93

  Bernard Cribbins death: Doctor Who actor dies aged 93 The death of the British star, who narrated The Wombles and was in the film adaptation of The Railway Children, has devastated fans.The death of the British star, who was in many Carry On films, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who, narrated The Wombles, Jackanory and was in the classic 1970 film adaptation of The Railway Children, has devastated friends and fans.

Your predictions for the week from September 12th to September 18th

Monday, Thursday and Friday are motivated and progress! On these days they follow their inspiration without thinking. However, this momentum decreases a little and they let their thoughts wander and dream a little. In private, an energetic and promising atmosphere is now spreading! Enjoy yourself with friends! Let yourself also be surprised by pleasant circumstances that could shake your habits and bring new PEP into their lives.

will you soon meet your great love? Your predictions from September 1st to 30th


until the 10th urge Venus and Jupiter you to start a relationship or to make it official. From the 15th you are more demanding and do not hesitate to pay more attention from others. Fortunately, is not lacking in wonderful people in their environment . If you are single, you are now spoiled for choice…


from the 15th Mars gives you the courage and the willpower in your zodiac sign that you lacked. Both work and privately pack the bull with the horns and successes are not long in coming.


at the beginning of this month they still live during the holiday rhythm. Jupiter supplies you with fuel for a good mood if you lack energy! On the 15th, their vitality returns and they find their way around better. From the 23rd, the sun reinforces willpower and charisma.

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Emma Swinton has co-written a short film with the working title, The Pendle Witch Child.

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