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The fact that Firefox also supports extensions under Android is already a special feature here, but it is played with a poor offer. Just 18 addons can be used in the Android version, if you want more, you have to take a detour via Firefox Nightly and can then create a custom collection here. Nothing has changed in the status quo for two years, now more movement could get into the matter again.

recently published Mozilla-Blogger Sören Hentzschel in a new blog post. There were already working on the corresponding interfaces in between, but now the upcoming Manifesto V3 is also becoming a topic, which plays a central role in chromium and wants to deviate in the interpretation of Mozilla on the desktop, at least in points. A completely new Ticket became more specific, with which the custom collections should also be activated in Firefox Beta for Android. There is still no official announcement.

is currently only a weak consolation for users of the current stable version, but at least there is a little more movement on this topic. In any case, the fact is that Firefox has to catch up for Android urgently and that other browsers such as Edge or Chrome are better to use, especially on Android tablets. Let's hope for the best ...

Penceived: Google must pay record losses of 4.1 billion euros .
The Court of the European Union (ECG) has largely confirmed a decision by the EU Commission that Google has to pay a billion dollar penalty due to illegal practices in Android smartphones. © AP Google has to pay a fine of 4.125 billion. The record loss is slightly reduced to 4.125 billion euros, the court said in Luxembourg on Wednesday.

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