Tech & Science: Uber hacked by an 18 -year -old hacker

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The young pirate has accessed the company's intranet, in particular his source code and his internal emails

L'appli Uber sur un smartphone (illustration). © Lea Suzuki/AP/SIPA Uber app on a smartphone (drawing). OUPS - The young pirate accessed the company's intranet, in particular his source code and his internal emails

The title Uber unscrewed by Wall Street Friday. Why ? Because the Californian company was the victim of a hacking, by a hacker who claims to be 18 years old. And who seems to have succeeded in accessing the Uber internal system, in particular its source code and its internal emails.

"We are currently dealing with a cybersecurity incident", tweeted the group on Thursday evening, indicating that it is "in contact with the authorities" on this subject. On Friday, Uber clarified that the hacker did not seem to have accessed sensitive data from users (address, journeys, etc.), and that all of his tools were operational.

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Source code pirated

according to the New York Times , an 18 -year -old pirate has obtained access codes to the internal Uber network by posing as a member of the technical team with an employee. He would then have acceded to the intranet, the source code and emails, according to the daily, which received screenshots from the pirate in support of his assertions.

Several cybersecurity specialists also indicated that they were in contact with the one who presented himself as the pirate. The latter used Slack messaging to publish a pornographic image, accompanied by the mocking message "Fuck You, Wankers". Uber employees first believed in a joke, before realizing that it was serious.

trial for concealing a previous hacker

The incident is taking place when San Francisco is held, this week, the trial of Uber's former IT security official Joe Sullivan. The 50 -year -old is accused of concealing, in 2016, a computer attack that allowed hackers to get their hands on personal data of around 57 million users of the platform. According to the indictment, Joe Sullivan, dismissed in November 2017, also organized the payment of a ransom of $ 100,000 to the pirates behind the attack.

The case had not been revealed until a year later. In 2018, Uber made an amicable agreement with prosecutors of 50 American states, who provided for the payment of $ 148 million in compensation, in total, for having been slow to reveal the attack on the regulator as well as to the general public.

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