Tech & Science: Rip Stadia-Google will post its Gamestreaming service in January 2023 an

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It was not the question of whether, but rather when it happens: Google announced the hiring of its game streaming service Stadia, and the servers will be switched off on January 18, 2023. All purchases are refunded.

Google was one of the first providers to start with a cloud gamest streaming service. There were no skills from the start, but it always exists when a new service starts, in addition with a completely new approach. Google is also even more than Microsoft in the reputation of stamping little successful products too quickly.

I still followed the development with a certain optimism and have always emphasized that a whole new market is created here and this race on the long distance is decided. However, it became clear that Google will have a particularly difficult time without its own strong game ecosystem in the back. They wanted to compensate for this disadvantage with their own studios and even develop their own exclusive titles for Stadia, but in spring 2021 these ambitions were buried and the development teams dissolved.

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What surprises me about the today's message is the fact that Stadia really disappears completely. For some time now, Google had tried to position itself as a backend provider for game streaming and I personally would have expected that you would eventually hire your own service, but continue to offer the backend service. Apparently you saw no promising perspective for this.

After all: Not only all game purchases, but also all hardware purchases made via the Google Store are reimbursed by Google, so you don't do any things. Nevertheless, it is a shame that a "big player" like Google would have done this young market well in the long run, technological was and are Microsoft's streaming offer superior.

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