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New toys from Elon Musk : The Tesla boss demonstrated the prototype of a humanoid robot on Sunday, which, according to its conviction, could eventually become more important than the company's electric cars .

Telsa zeigte den ersten Prototypen des „Optimus“-Prototypen. © AFP Telsa showed the first prototype of the "Optimus" prototype.

The machine with uninhibited mechanical joints and cables took a few steps on a stage at an event at the weekend and waved to the audience. Tesla is aiming for a price of less than $ 20,000 (around 20,400 euros) for the robot with the name "Optimus" and wanted to build millions, said Musk.

Robot from Boston Dynamics moves joints

The "Optimus" prototype moved much awkwardly as the more well-known humanoid robots from the Boston Dynamics company, who can dance and jump. Musk sees, however, an advantage for the Tesla robot in the fact that it can fall back on the technology of the company's cars for the recognition of its surroundings on the technology of the “Autopilot”. In well-established videos you can see how the 73 kilogram robot wears a box, irrigated flowers with a watering can and moves a metal component in Tesla's car factory.

Optimus: Tesla's ambitious humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk

 Optimus: Tesla's ambitious humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk © - The robot "Bumble C" sketched a hi after having arrived on stage, this Friday in Palo Alto, California. AFP He plans to "transform civilization" and build a "future of abundance" where poverty will have disappeared. Elon Musk presented two OPTIMUS humanoid robot on Friday on Friday, which her Tesla company hopes to produce one day by "millions".

The group wants to develop a useful robot that could be built as soon as possible, emphasized Musk. At the same time, Tesla was concerned about how to avoid a "Terminator" scenario, he said, alluding to the killer robots from the film series. The machines should therefore get something of an element in an emergency.

Elon Musk is convinced of the "Optimus" prototype

Musk was convinced that robots could "ensure a future with abundance, a future without poverty" and spoke of a "fundamental transformation of civilization". In the past, the Tech billionaire had already predicted that the robot project could become more important than Tesla's car production over time.

In the "Optimus" announcement a year ago, Tesla had put a person in a robot costume, which at the time caused some ridicule. This time a newer prototype with metal cladding of Tesla employees was carried onto the stage because it cannot yet go.

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Roboter Tesla afp © AFP Robot Tesla AFP

The pioneer Boston Dynamics, which in the meantime was part of Google, now also belongs to a car manufacturer: the South Korean Hyundai group.

Tesla also used the event to explain the technology behind "autopilot" and its programs for mechanical learning.

Elon Musk relies on autonomous driving

A special focus was on how well the cars can recognize and understand their surroundings with the help of their eight cameras. Musk is convinced that Tesla can manage autonomous driving alone with cameras without the more expensive laser radars, on the other developers of robotic car technology.

Currently, 160,000 Tesla customers in the United States are driving a test version of the assistance software, which should also control the cars in city traffic instead of just keeping the lane and distance. In videos of the beta testers, the software often cut a bad figure.

Musk said that Tesla should be at least technically willing to introduce the test software in other countries at the end of the year. However, local regulatory requirements could delay the start outside the USA. (dpa)

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