Tech & Science: LIDL: The robot Mr. Cuisine Smart breaking in stock in 2021 soon back in store, here is its date of sale

e-bikes at Amazon, Lidl & Co.: Now on offer from 500 euros!

 e-bikes at Amazon, Lidl & Co.: Now on offer from 500 euros! © TVMovie/PR Find and buy an e-bike from Lidl, Otto or Amazon Teutoburger Senne Pedelec Citybike: E-bike below 1,000 euros The light E-Bike Senne Pedelec Citybike from Teutoburger with a deep entry Perfect for everyday life - for men and for women. At Amazon there is currently the electric bike for 500 euros instead of 900 euros RRP.

is official: the multifunction robot Mr. Cuisine Smart is back in Lidl stores for the holidays the end of the year. Functionities, date of marketing ... Here is what it takes ...

It had sold like hotcakes during its first sale on December 6, 2021. After a new marketing in the spring, the Multifunction robot Mr. Cuisine Smart Silvercrest de Lidl is back in store during the holiday season. From Monday, December 5, the German brand will offer its famous household appliances within its 1500 supermarkets at a price of € 429. As often during ephemeral sales of Lidl, interested customers will have to get up early to hope to get their hands on one of the precious robots since the product will be available until stocks.

Product recall: These three shrimp references should not be consumed

 Product recall: These three shrimp references should not be consumed © Grandriver Product recall: these three shrimp references should not be consumed Three types of shrimp, some of which sold at Auchan, must be reported in store and Do not be consumed at the risk of suffering from food poisoning. Three shrimp trays are subject to a recall procedure. On September 23, 26 and 27, the official website of the Government Reminder Conso published three opinions concerning shrimps presenting a risk of contamination by the bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus .

What are the features of the Lidl Smart Kitchen Smart Kitchen?

Latest Born Robots Monsieur Cuisine Connect, the Smart kitchen is able to knead, mix, stir, chop, mince, crushed, puree, emulsify, cook, brown or steam. Unlike its predecessors, this device can also ferment, simmer, cook eggs, prepare smoothies and cook under vacuum. With a mixture bowl of 4.5 L in stainless steel, it also has a motor twice as powerful (1000 watts) that the last gentleman Connect, allowing in particular to knead twice as much dough.

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a discount of € 70 for holders of the Lidl +

loyalty card other novelty Smart robot? It has voice recognition operating with the Google assistant. Its touch screen has also been reworked and enlarged. He now measures 8 inches, compared to 7 for previous models. On the accessories side, the device is supplied with a drummer, a steam basket, a spatula or even a doser cap. The Cooking Pilot function, which contains 600 preloaded recipes, with step -by -step instructions, is also included in the Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart. Finally, note that holders of the LIDL +loyalty card, available for free on smartphone, will benefit from an immediate discount of € 70 and will thus obtain this new model at the unbeatable price of € 359.

Optimus: Tesla's ambitious humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk

 Optimus: Tesla's ambitious humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk © - The robot "Bumble C" sketched a hi after having arrived on stage, this Friday in Palo Alto, California. AFP He plans to "transform civilization" and build a "future of abundance" where poverty will have disappeared. Elon Musk presented two OPTIMUS humanoid robot on Friday on Friday, which her Tesla company hopes to produce one day by "millions".

Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest de Lidl, on sale on Monday December 5.

Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart de Lidl © supplied by FEMINA version ROBOT Monsieur Cuisine Smart De Lidl

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traditional and emblematic recipe for Chinese gastronomy, Cantonese rice has been declined over the years to renew itself. Here are five ways to revisit this dish. A small gap in tradition. Without the origin of the version of popular Cantonese rice being very precise, this dish has been a classic of Chinese cuisine for several centuries already. As he exports internationally, preparation has undergone some modifications to allow him to renew himself and never get out.

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