Tech & Science: Single Sign-on: Why it is not a good idea to register with Facebook or Google

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on many pages on the Internet can easily register with the account that you can use to have one of the large internet companies, such as Facebook or Google, already have. However, this comfort function is not unselfish. According to such a single sign-on (SSO), the corporations could collect comprehensive data about the existing account of what the user does on the respective page, warns the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center.

Auf vielen Internetseiten kann man sich auch mit seinem Facebook-, Google- oder Apple-Konto anmelden. © JYM On many websites you can also register with your Facebook, Google or Apple account. With the single sign-on, a lot of data is collected

In addition, the corporations often received information from the user's public profile. In doubt, this would have been more data than for regular registration. Extensive personal profiles could be formed from all this information, for example for advertising purposes.

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not enough. If the password for the account you use for SSO registers get into strangers, you have a problem. Then third parties not only have access to the account with the respective Internet company, but also on all sides where you can use the registration via SSO via this account.

When the general key is lost,

adds that attackers were specifically hunting accounts that are used as a general key. An example of consumer advocates: At the beginning of October, Facebook informed that criminals with the help of hundreds of apps stole the login data of Facebook users. The apps showed the supposed SSO option "Login with Facebook". However, the victims then fed phishing forms that the registration data forwarded directly, so that the criminals could take over the affected Facebook accounts.

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It may also be the case that websites or services where you register via SSO quasi in return, some of them, sometimes extends far-reaching rights within the SSO account. If in doubt, you don't notice anything that can lead to unwanted likes or posts, for example, the consumer advocates explain. However, such rights are listed when setting up an SSO login. Click

Right or do not use

If you still want to use SSO, it is important to read every point here and click the ticks away from the individual rights. If this is not possible for the right that you do not want to grant, you only have to use SSO for the respective page and to cancel the setup. If you want to pass on as little personal data as possible, you should not use SSO, advises the consumer advice center.

If you don't want to do without comfort, you should protect the SSO account particularly well. This included a strong password that is not used for any other account, and ideally also an active two-factor authentication. (dpa)

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