Tech & Science: Windows 11 version 22H2: Problems with the remotedesktop connection - Workaround available

Windows 11: Insider updates in Beta and Developer Canal

 Windows 11: Insider updates in Beta and Developer Canal © provided by Dr. Windows Windows Insider cover picture After the big release party of the Windows 11 2022 updates on Tuesday, the insider program continues on Wednesday. There are new builds for the testers in the Beta and Developer channels. we start with the beta channel, which is still divided into two. Here comes the update KB5017384 and brings the builds 22621.601 and 22622.601, these are also identical this week, because only errors are included (see Changelog ).

Windows 11 Logo Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Logo cover picture

Microsoft has documented a new "known problem" in connection with Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2). Under certain circumstances, the remote desktop app hangs up and a connection does not come about. However, there is a workaround that can be used to avoid the problem.

The error only occurs according to the Windows Release Health Dashboard (via Deskmodder ) if a remote desktop gateway or a remote desktop Connection broker is used for the connection. As a result of the “home use” of the remote desktop app or in the internal LAN, no difficulties can be expected.

version 22H2: Microsoft gives the first large functional update for Windows 11 Free

 version 22H2: Microsoft gives the first large functional update for Windows 11 Free © provided by Silicon Windows 11 2022 Update (Image: Microsoft) It brings innovations for the start menu and new safety functions. Microsoft is gradually rolling out Windows 11 2022 update. Further new functions will follow in October. Microsoft makes the first large functional update for Windows 11 in general. Version 22H2 officially bears the name Windows 11 2022 Update . The update brings various innovations for consumers and companies and improves the safety of the operating system.

If you are affected by the error, the only way out is the termination of the MSTSC.exe process via Windows Task Manager.

The error can be suppressed by activating a group guideline, which can be found in the group guideline editor under

Computer configuration / administrative templates / Windows components / remotedesktopic services / remoteedesktop connection client

The rule / UDP is activated there ”. After that, the computer has to be restarted and the problem should no longer occur.

With one of the upcoming updates for Windows 11, Microsoft will provide an official fix.

browser and operating systems in November 2022: Windows 7 still double -digit .
© provided by Dr. Windows Statistics Cover In the statistics on the usage shares of the browsers and operating systems, there is naturally little movement, but there is still a value that somehow catches the eye. In November 2022, this is clearly the proportion of Windows 7. officially the most popular Windows version of the past 20 years has expired on January 14, 2020, since then Microsoft has not published any security updates on a regular way.

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