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Tech & Science: spill on a large scale: The new Splatoon 3 from Nintendo- Recommendation for the Switch

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The Japanese console and game manufacturer Nintendo has a talented knack for doing things differently than the mainstream. The special 3-in-1 console concept of the Switch is a good example of this. But even at Games you can find a refreshingly own shoot in Far East.

Splatoon 3 für Nintendo Switch © Nintendo Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch

So also for the new Splatoon 3 : In the core, the exclusive switch title is a third-person shooter with a strong focus on the multiplayer mode. But instead of lead, color is shot, sprayed and banged without exception - and instead of classic weapons, brushes, color rollers and ink cannons are used here. The more unusual, the better!

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Unique Gameplay Mix

The classic mode "Revierkampf" summarizes the basic game principle of the Splatoon series very well: Here, two teams each compete against each other. In the end, the page wins that colored the arena most with its own ink after three minutes. The ingenious gameplay combination and sometimes extremely unusual weapons guarantee an exciting exchange of blows, offer you a lot of space for different strategies and the chance to shoot the match with a spectacular move at the very last second.

of course Splatoon 3 makes up to three friends in the same team. In this way, the perfect tactics can be developed together and, if desired, also fight for ranks. Even the demanding co-op mode of Salmon Run is back in which you have to defend yourself against increasingly stronger hordes of rushing opponents.

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For even more variety, a whole series of cool game modes with different gameplay approaches, a greatly expanded weapon arsenal, new arenas and the introduction of the online hub Splatsville-a city in which you can move freely and explore the many game features.

in Splatsville you also have the option of customizing your avatar as you please. Cover in various shops with new weapons, stylish clothes and cool accessories and display your favorites and achievements through your personal locker.

Last but not least: The story mode

If you need a break from the gripping online fights, you can also bloom out to your heart's content in the new single player campaign in Splatoon 3 . You slip into the role of "number 3", fight with Sidekick Salmini an entire army of octareans and investigate the big questions why the fieslings suddenly have such strange hair growth.

The story mode is also a first-class opportunity to try new techniques and, above all, the many (new) weapons in peace. Quasi a kind of giant tutorial, perfect for newcomers who want to familiarize themselves with the game. And the regular updates guarantee that the fun of the game will never stop. Speaking of update: Just in time for December 1st, the Season 2 from Splatoon 3 starts!

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here is something for everyone, whether you prefer to look for varied and fun challenges alone or together with friends: Splatoon 3 for the

Nintendo Switch offers you a wide range of suitable game modes in which you can easily do many hours Or can only let off steam for a short time. participate: So you can win a Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 3

simply fill out the form below and with a little luck you will win a Nintendo Switch and the game Splatoon 3. Participation is possible from 18 years, people with residence in the residence in Germany. Employees of the companies involved are excluded from the competition. No cash payment of the prices possible. The profit is not transferable. The legal process is excluded. The winner will be notified in writing. The closing date for participation is December 31, 2022. We wish you every success!

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