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Tech & Science: Beauty Tip: 3 Small Last Minute tricks with which you immediately look fresh

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You have to quickly make your appointment and have just five minutes to freshen up? Don't worry, our last minute tricks will help you to look fresh. The magic word, which is very large in the Beauty trends , is: Gloss! In order to look fresher, the Beauty professionals recommend to rely on shine and highlights . They reflect the light and make you look fresher, younger and healthier - with only minimal steps. Sounds awesome? It is!

Schnell frisch aussehen: 3 kleine Last-Minute-Tricks Imaxtree © imaxtree quickly look fresh: 3 small last-minute tricks imaxtree with these 3 beauty tricks you can quickly see fresher from 1. always have a lip gloss with them. It is incredible what an lip gloss

can cause. The small product fits in every handbag and is applied quickly. For the fast fresh kick , we recommend a gloss that is slightly tinted. A delicate, bright Rotnuance makes you look more alert. The gloss supports the color effect and makes your lips shine healthy. Ideal for short -term appointments! Buy our favorite here at Amazon. 2. Shiny highlighter add The make-up professionals from Mac Cosmetics like to use a trick on their models that lets the

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  M&S advent calendar 2022 with £300 of beauty for £40 is here! The M&S advent calendar 2022 has landed and it can be yours for just £40With Christmas less than two months away, the best beauty advent calendars on the market are tempting us to treat ourselves to a December countdown full of look good and feel good treats.

skin radiate

immediately. It is an shiny highlighter that is applied to the upper cheekbones and temples. The shimmer is only dabbed very tender and minimally onto the skin and immediately ensures an fresh effect . The reflected light makes the areas look brighter and highlights them. The small make-up trick l is a tired eyes and pale skin disappear immediately. The small products also fit in every handbag. A great and quick trick! Buy the favorite from Flaconi here. 3. Refresh the hair with Gloss . Now the hairstyle is still missing. Our hair looks stunning in the morning after styling. But after a stressful day, the tedious styling is gone. What quickly helps? A simple fresh-up with an

Leave-in Haarkur

. First you brush your hair to disguise and smooth the hair structure. Then you give three pumps of the hair treatment into your palms, stiff them there and distribute the Gloss in your hair lengths . In this way, your hair gets a wonderfully healthy gloss that makes you look fresher immediately. Buy our favorite at Amazon. Read more:

3 Small tricks that make your daily make-up look better

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