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Tech & Science: The mysteries of love (TMC): Laly Meignan: "I feel a lot of tenderness for laly"

The mysteries of love (spoiler): drama at the Watersport, Béné and Jimmy in the face of death on TMC

 The mysteries of love (spoiler): drama at the Watersport, Béné and Jimmy in the face of death on TMC © provided by all TV since 2011, TMC has put on the mysteries of love to occupy its Viewers on weekends in Prime Time access. The TF1 group channel will offer two new unpublished episodes in its series on Saturday 29 and Sunday October 30, 2022 at 7.50pm. What fate for Jeanne in the mysteries of love? The intrigue of the Mysteries of Love will continue to be centered on Jeanne ( Isabelle Bouysse ).

Visage iconique de la sitcom Hélène et les garçons, Laly Meignan a participé à toutes les séries dérivées. Elle poursuit aujourd’hui l’aventure avec son personnage du même nom, qui possède des dons de voyance. © Marlene Awaad/TMC iconic face of the sitcom Hélène and the boys, Laly Meignan participated in all the derivative series. Today she continues the adventure with her character of the same name, who has clairvoyance.

We feel that your character, as a couple with José (Philippessor) for two seasons, is about to live a hectic period ...

Laly Meignan: indeed, Laly is courted by Étienne (David Proux) who collects adventures. They feel each of the feelings for each other, but as she is in a relationship with José, it gets stuck a little. Also, she will do everything to make José closer to Cathy, her ex.

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The mysteries of love (spoiler): Ingrid and Jeanne in a shooting, Jeanne's sulphurous sister back on TMC

 The mysteries of love (spoiler): Ingrid and Jeanne in a shooting, Jeanne's sulphurous sister back on TMC © provided by all TV in October 2022, Isabelle Bouysse reinforced His presence in The Mysteries of Love . His character, Jeanne, was chosen by Jean-Luc Azoulay to be the central element of the new dramatic intrigue of the TMC flagship series. Jeanne was seriously injured by the explosion of Gabriella's house ( Virginie Théron ). Doctors managed to save her. It appeared that the former partner of Nicolas ( Patrick Puydebat ) had become amnesiac.

How could you describe your character?

Laly is a kind of Arlequin, she has several facets. In fact, it is used to catalyze situations of which it often becomes the solution. She is one of those characters who launch subjects and who do not hesitate to set foot in the dish. I feel a lot of tenderness for this laly, she always tries to resolve the problems that arise.

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shoots recently, we saw you in the clip coup de vieux , de Bigflo and Oli with Julien Doré. How did you land in this video?

In fact, Bigflo and Oli's clip is built with real surprises made to Julien Doré. And among these, he meets the characters in the series like José, Hélène and me. He didn't expect to see us at all. Apparently he liked the series. It was also a pleasant surprise for us. What is funny is that, in stride, I chained with another clip, that of Demon, of the Rock Blackrain group. A video that was shot in the famous Garage of Hélène and the boys ...

The Mysteries of Love : Sunday December 4 at 6:45 p.m. on TMC

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