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Tech & Science: First StableCoin on the Cardano blockchain in the starting blocks

internet broken? Important security mechanism RPKI undermined

 internet broken? Important security mechanism RPKI undermined of a team of the European Research Center for Cyber ​​Security in Europe, Athene, has managed to obtain an important security mechanism of the Internet. This should actually prevent cybercriminal traffic. © Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock Internet traffic: Mechanism should protect against diversion. When Twitter traffic was briefly led over Russia in spring 2022 , caused a stir worldwide. This was made possible by a security gap in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

StableCoins are considered to be relatively safe in the cryptocosm. The Terra/Luna drama in spring missed the reputation of cryptocoins an enormous dampers. Nevertheless, with USDA, the first stable coin for the Cardano blockchain is now in the starting blocks.

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• First StableCoin for Cardano planned for 2023

• Banking for Underbanked

• Regulatory conformity in view

The developer of the Cardano blockchain and its commercial arm, Emurgo first cardano stable. USDA is said to be called the coin and linked to the US dollar .

#emurgo , the Official Commercial Arm and a Founding Entity of the @Cardano #Blockchain , Announces the Planned Launch of Its New U.S. Dollar-Backed StableCoin, #usda . A first fully fiat-backed, regulatory compliant #stablecoin in the #cardano ecosystem.

crypto critic: Molly White On the abuse on Blockchain

 crypto critic: Molly White On the abuse on Blockchain Molly White is probably the most prominent crypto critic. The 28-year-old American software developer documents examples of fraud cases, thefts and failed crypto projects on her website "Web3 is going Just Great". © provided by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images • White represents critical position on web3 • Dangers by Blockchain • White: People have to be protected from crypto on their website, which already cynically the opinion of the opinion Critician reproduces, Molly White tries to


- Emurgo (@emurgo_io) November 18, 2022

Banking for humans without access to banking services

"The Cardano ecosystem was on the ethos built up to bring real applications into the crypto world and to create the basis for the establishment of the economy of the future, "Vineeth Bhuvanagiri, Managing Director of Emurgo, is quoted in a press release. "The introduction of a fully supported, regulatory-compliant stable coin is the next step to realize the future for our community," continued Bhuvanagiri.

USDA is planned as an asset that is freely tradable on Cardano and is intended to offer investors stability in financial transactions on the blockchain. In addition, the coin should pave the way for the Cardano ecosystem to solve a problem for which its company is uniquely positioned: to enable people who do not have sufficient access to services and products from the financial sector that are aimed at private customers .

crypto, according to Ethererum founder Vitalik Buterin, better than gold

 crypto, according to Ethererum founder Vitalik Buterin, better than gold cryptos are better than gold, says Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Gold is simply too impractical. © dpa Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin. Not even the Twitter takeover from Elon Musk made the social network becoming an important discussion platform for cryptocurrencies . Almost every important person from the crypto sector sends important updates and thoughts to investors and users via Twitter.

is planned to start USDA on the Anzens platform in early 2023. Users should then be able to tok their US dollars in USDA via credit/debit cards, bank transfer, oh or the conversion of ADA . In addition to the tokenization of USD, Emurgo also wants to enable the safe and comfortable conversion of other stable coins, including USDC and USDT, in USDA. There are also other plans to enable the conversion and exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum .

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in the press release, Emurgo points out that the stable coin is regulatory. In order to ensure this, a partnership with a financial service company based in the United States has been received, "to keep cash deposits and ensure that the stablecoin is completely compliant and complies with the regulatory guidelines". The company's name was not mentioned as part of the statement.


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