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Tech & Science: How to make Windows brisk again with recovery points

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computer problems with Windows 10

How to break the Windows recovery points again   Wie sie mit Wiederherstellungspunkten Windows wieder flottmachen © T - Online

Do you want to restore the operating system of your PC in an earlier condition? We will show you how you can use a recovery point for this.

No matter whether you have just installed a new program or your Windows 10 has installed an update in the background: Both are critical situations where problems can occur afterwards. If you now receive inexplicable error messages, no longer start programs that have previously worked or show Windows 10 otherwise strange behavior, you should consider using a recovery point and play back to an early stage.

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What is a recovery point?

Windows 10 automatically creates recovery points before it carries out larger installations or updates. The system is noticing its own state at the time before installation so that it can then return to there if something goes wrong.

The concept of recovery points has been around for many years. It also played an important role in previous Windows versions. And it has saved a lot of time, work and nerves for many users over time. So if your operating system has behaved unusual since the last update, the import of a recovery point can remedy the situation before this update.

Restoration point in Windows 10 Find and use

By taking the following seven steps, put your Windows 10 into an earlier system state:

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・ Open the Control Panel from Windows 10. You can find it very quickly by opening the start menu and type in the word "control control". The search suggests the correct application to you during the input.

・ Select the "System and Security" category and then open "Security and Maintenance" .

・ Then click on the bottom of the window on

"Restoration" and then to "Open the system recovery" .

・ Then an assistant appears to accompany you through the process. This suggests the last restoration point and selects it for you.

・ Optional: If you want to select a

"Select other recovery point" , select the corresponding option and click on "Next". In the following view you can see all the available restoration points with your respective creation time. Also note the "Show additional recovery points" option to get more results.

・ After clicking on "Next" you will get an overview of the restoration. Confirm your selection by "finished".

・ A warning message then appears. Confirm them with "yes".

The system now returns to its condition, which was stored in the selected restoration point. This process can take some time.

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