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Tech & Science: Xbox Game Pass Light? Microsoft should check advertised variant

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To give the Xbox Game Pass a fresh thrust, Microsoft apparently thinks of introducing a significantly cheaper variant that has some restrictions and is also counter financed by advertising.

Some randomly selected Xbox users were apparently invited to take part in an survey (via WindowsCentral ), in which they were asked whether they were open to such an offer. Very concrete properties of such a "light version" were listed. However, it is unclear whether they really come from concrete product plans or whether they just wanted to give the survey participants the same as the most gripped example.

Xbox Lives Games With Gold: Praetorians and Dead End Job Free

 Xbox Lives Games With Gold: Praetorians and Dead End Job Free © provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Lames With Gold November 2022 The Xbox Lives With Gold for November 2022 have been determined: "Dead End Job" and the version of Praetorians in HD remastered will be available for subscribers. Since the last month, the Games With Gold no more Xbox 360 titles, and if you had hoped that it would still stay with four free games, unfortunately there were only two games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S in the future dust off.

In the said survey, a price of just 2.99 euros was mentioned for a possible new variant of the Game Pass. Compared to the "full version", all games would show advertising when starting. New top titles would only come into the Game Pass after six months, and EA Play would not be integrated. The subscribers to the "cheap offer" would also not receive discounts when buying games, and cloud gaming would not be included either. Apart from that, it would still have access to a three-digit number of games and in addition, the online functions would be included, for which an Xbox Live Gold subscription is necessary today. The Game Pass Light would therefore be cheaper than it is Xbox Live Gold today.

Nobody knows whether there is anything on the plans. However, this seems plausible to me, because Microsoft's gaming strategy is geared towards the Game Pass. Most recently, Phil Spencer had mentioned that a certain satiety was achieved - if you find the game pass interesting, you already have it, so further growth is difficult. So new ideas have to be on the table, and because you know your own waters best, it is easiest to fish there.

offered offer could be a honey pot for all the Xbox players who have a gold subscription but no game pass. They would be stupid if they didn't switch to a plan where they get more power for less money. At the beginning of 2021, Microsoft had already tried to bury Xbox Live Gold by announcing a drastic price increase that was taken back after protests. The opposite way is much more promising.

Microsoft and Activision Play Good Cop/Bad Cop with the FTC .
© provided by Dr. Windows Activision Takeover Cover The American antitrust authority FTC wants to prevent the merger of Activision and Microsoft, if necessary in court. Both Microsoft and Activision have now submitted official statements at the FTC, the sound is reminiscent of the good old Good Cop/Bad Cop game. Microsoft strikes moderate, conciliatory tones, while Activision is full of confrontation course and the FTC certifies a full -grown loss of reality.

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