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Tech & Science: Samsung deals: Cool winter offers for hot technology

The Peripheral's multiverse makes more sense than Marvel

  The Peripheral's multiverse makes more sense than Marvel "I don't know anything about quantum physics, and yet I can go, 'Oh, I get it.'"He plays Lev Zubov in Prime Video's adaptation of the William Gibson novel (published in 2014), and when Feild sat down for an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, we asked what makes the multiverse so appealing to viewers these days.

Samsung Angebote: Last-Minute-Geschenke vor Weihnachten sichern! © pr/ Samsung offers: secure last minute gifts before Christmas! Samsung offers secure

You know it: For Samsung products there are always discounts and offers all year round. But after Christmas there are particularly juicy discounts . So if you have thrown an eye on a new Samsung TV, a Galaxy smartphone, a tablet or a Galaxy Watch, you should now access and save with the fillet pieces.

at OTTO: An overview of all deals Samsung online shop: offers directly from the manufacturer Amazon: Overview of all Amazon Top offers, lightning offers and actions The hottest Samsung deal

secure the 55- Customs UHD TV Samsung Crystal with 4K Crystal processor and Dynamic Crystal Color. The TV model from 2022 is currently available at a reduced top price of 555 euros.

The English's Emily Blunt influenced a key part of her character

  The English's Emily Blunt influenced a key part of her character The new series sees Blunt's Cornelia navigating the American West.Set in 1890 mid-America, the BBC Two series sees the Sicario and Devil Wears Prada star in the role of English noblewoman Lady Cornelia Locke. Across the series' six episodes, Cornelia teams up with Pawnee ex-cavalry scout Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) and gets involved in a series of macabre, unsolved murder cases.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and 21FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21FE 5G and the predecessor Samsung Galaxy S20 FE are currently reduced at Amazon - in almost all colors and memory sizes!

practical: Here you will find a size adjustable mobile phone holder for your car.

Winter offers directly in the Samsung online shop

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For true Samsung lovers, a look at the Samsung Onlineshop is definitely worth it, because here too the winter offers are in full access and you save up to 23 percent on many products from the South Korean manufacturer.

whether smartphones, television, tablets or household appliances, here you will find real bargains directly from the dealer.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 cheaper shopping

A great discount is available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic . For the 44-millimeter width version, you pay from 189 euros at Amazon. The fitness tracker helps you to keep an eye on your activities and fitness results on smartwatch and smartphone: you can count steps, check calories and find your way around the GPS.

Dwayne Johnson posts first look at Spider-Man star as Santa in new Christmas movie

  Dwayne Johnson posts first look at Spider-Man star as Santa in new Christmas movie Red One boasts a star-studded cast.Posting on Instagram, the wrestler-turned-actor revealed a snap of him alongside Simmons, who was donning a Santa Claus outfit.

Samsung tablets on offer

Various Samsung tablets are currently cheaper. Online retailers are happy to offer combination deals, for example tablet with Galaxy Buds at a package price. Speed ​​is also required here, because the supplies could be scarce. A great bargain is currently the Tab S8 , at Amazon from 705 euros . Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV 23 percent cheaper

Popular The 4K TV Samsung Crystal is popular with technology fans. It is currently available at

Amazon from 569 euros (43 inches). Otto also offers really strong winter offers. The Crystal UHD 4K TV (50 inches) has a whopping 25 percent cheaper for just 469 euros .

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Samsung TV "The Frame" Reduced Buy

, especially with interior bloggers, the chic Samsung the Frame is very popular. The smart TV can optically turn into a mural and blends in harmoniously into the facility. An absolute unique selling point on the market. The

Samsung The Frame is currently available from 935 euros (55 inches) at Amazon. Other current offers for you:

Interview with the Vampire boss reveals disappointing season 2 update .
"My guess is we won’t make that window - that is an AMC call."The series, which is based on Anne Rice’s novel, was renewed for a second season before the first episodes premiered, but a producer for the AMC show has revealed that fans might have to wait a while to see what becomes of Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reid).

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