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UK News: France in astonishing Brexit threat to UK: ‘We will defend our interests'

Brexit and Northern Ireland. London no longer makes Article 16 a forced passage

 Brexit and Northern Ireland. London no longer makes Article 16 a forced passage © AFP London wishes to return to the North Irish protocol that the controls of British products entering the EU must take place at the sea of ​​Ireland. British minister, Michael Gove, paved the way Friday, November 19, 2021 to a resolution of the conflict with the European Union around the North Irish Protocol Post-Brexit without the threat of seeing London taking unilateral measurements.

Clement Beaune, State Secretary for European Affairs, spoke in the French Parliament about the ongoing dispute with the UK. Mr Beaune gave a stark warning to the UK, saying France will "defend" their interests should the fishing war reach a breaking point.

He said: "If dialogue doesn't bear fruit with the United Kingdom, we will defend our interests.

"Our objective remains the same: to ensure the agreement we signed is respected, to defend our fishers.

"We will stand by them always."

The row over fishing has been intensifying over the past month, with French fishing industry representatives threatening to block Calais and other ports from allowing exports to the UK.

France pledges to 'fight every day' to uphold fishing rights amid row with UK

  France pledges to 'fight every day' to uphold fishing rights amid row with UK France has pledged to "fight every day" to uphold its fishermen's rights as the country's post-Brexit dispute with the UK continues. © Sky The ongoing row previously saw France briefly seize a British fishing boat in its waters in October During a meeting with fishermen in northern France on Sunday, minister of the sea Annick Giardin promised to "not give up" in the row over fishing licenses and criticised the UK's interpretation of post-Brexit rules on the matter as "inadmissible".

France © Getty France Clement Beaune © Getty Clement Beaune

Talks between Britain, France and the European Commission have been ongoing, but a resolution seems like it will be later rather than sooner - if at all.

Former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier took aim at the UK in recent comments made about the dispute.

Mr Barnier said: "It would have been necessary to pay attention earlier to the implementation of the Brexit agreement.

"The British behave like filibusters.

"There is no good faith on their part, neither on the fisheries nor on Ireland."

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Fishing © Getty Fishing Fishermen © Getty Fishermen

Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois was very much offended by the comments made by the former negotiator.

Post-Brexit fishing rights row with France worsens

  Post-Brexit fishing rights row with France worsens The UK has told France to rein in fishermen who have vowed to disrupt the British economy over the worsening row about post-Brexit fishing licences. The Government has said it is 'disappointed' by fresh threats of protests from French fishermen and has called on Paris to ensure 'no illegal action' is taken against the UK. Ministers are demanding assurances that trade will not be affected after French fishing chiefs signalled they could block Calais and other ports to stop exports to the UK.

Mr Gallois jumped to the defence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his response to Mr Barnier.

He said: "The British respect the agreement, Michel Barnier!

"Accept having negotiated badly for the interests of France, because you were negotiating for the EU.


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EU fisheries © Express EU fisheries

"The government has also been incompetent in failing to see the flaw in the agreement.

"Our fishermen drink your fault!"

The fishing committee for the northern Hauts-de-France region are becoming quite angered by the negotiations between France and the UK.

Boris and Macron © Getty Boris and Macron

The French fishermen say they are "exasperated" by the "endless months of waiting" and are ready to "exert more pressure" on the UK.

The organisation's president, Olivier Lepretre, said on Monday: "We will hinder English interests.

"We also want to repeat to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: your fishermen have access to European waters, we cannot see why we cannot access British waters - as was specified in the Brexit agreement."

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